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Yet, when he met Eastwood face to face, he was surprised by his young looks; Eastwood looked too innocent for the part, so Leone told him to grow a stubbly beard and to smoke or chew on cigarillos.

The man with no name Series by Frank Chandler

Because of budgetary reasons, the gun and holster Eastwood used for Rawhide, were also used in the movie. Overall he seems more modeled in order to distinguish him from the image of the traditional western hero, than to make him look like a pseudo samurai. Both his casual appearance and his moral ambiguity were very uncommon for a western hero in those days. No Name may shoot first and he sees no evil in killing people albeit bad people for no other reason than to impress a possible employer.

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Yet the confrontation with a young woman who is forced into adultery, ignites a spark of humanity in his darkened soul. The funny thing is that if the three movies are considered as a real trilogy, the final film comes first: This order still causes another paradox: On the other hand it seems totally acceptable that the gunslinger from A Fistful of Dollars would turn to bounty hunting one day.

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Eastwood was 34 when he arrived in Italy, but the character he plays, seems more a man who is in his late twenties than in his mid-thirties. A quick look on the internet will tell you that he inspired artists, varying from graphic designers to painters, sculptors and even songwriters.

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The Man with No Name Italian: He is easily recognizable due to his iconic poncho , brown hat, tan cowboy boots , fondness for cigarillos and the fact that he rarely talks. The popularity of the characters brought about a series of spin-off books, dubbed the "Dollar" series due to the common theme in their titles:. After releasing eight issues, Dynamite abandoned the series.

It was the subject of a successful lawsuit by Yojimbo ' s producers. When pressed, he gives the pseudonym Sanjuro Kuwabatake meaning "Thirty-year-old Mulberry-field" , a reference to his age and something he sees through a window. The convention of hiding the character's arms from view is shared as well, with Mifune's character typically wearing his arms inside his kimono, leaving the sleeves empty. He also insisted on removing some of the dialogue in the original script, making the character more silent and thus adding to his mystery.

Resident Alien: The Man with No Name #2

As the trilogy progressed, the character became even more silent and stoic. Yojimbo is itself believed to have been based on Dashiell Hammett 's novel Red Harvest , [10] [12] with Kurosawa scholar David Desser and film critic Manny Farber , among others, stating categorically that this is the case. Although Kurosawa never publicly credited Hammett, Roger Corman claims that Kurosawa privately acknowledged Red Harvest as an influence.

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The man with no name 2 The man with no name 2
The man with no name 2 The man with no name 2
The man with no name 2 The man with no name 2
The man with no name 2 The man with no name 2
The man with no name 2 The man with no name 2

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