Your Mouth and Your Warfare

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We are in this world and we are living in a flesh body, but our weapons of warfare are not fleshly. You can pull down enemy strongholds through the strength Jesus gives you. The joy of the Lord is your strength. You will never see a joyful Christian destroyed as long as they maintain their joy.

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Learn to praise God in every storm, every trial and every circumstance, and God will raise you up and you will be able to walk out of the problem. It is a decision you make in spite of pain, in the midst of sickness, trouble, hurt, financial problems, marriage troubles or family problems. Make a decision to launch your spiritual rockets, armed with the powerful warheads of the Word, the Name and the Blood — through praise. Whether your prison is cancer, sickness, poverty, lack, fear, or anything else, use your weapons of joy and destroy the prison walls. One of the least used weapons by a lot of churches today is prayer, but yet this is a very powerful weapon.

In God told me, the person that could get His people on their knees praying biblically would usher in one of the greatest revivals of all time. Prayer offered on the basis of our Blood Covenant with God in faith has power. The cleansing of ourselves with the Blood of Jesus is absolutely essential to our approaching God. If we pray anything according to this Blood Covenant we have with God, He hears us.

The only effective praying being done on this earth today is being done by men who know they are the righteousness of God. The Word of God is a powerful weapon that we can effectively launch against the enemy. No one is able to fight the enemy without proper prayer. Another powerful weapon we have is preaching. If you preach the gospel correctly, you will destroy the works of the devil.

That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God. For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.

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Through the gifts of the Holy Spirit, God wants to establish that Jesus rose from the dead and He is alive! How devastating it is to the devil and his demons when they are exposed to the light, through the gifts of the Holy Spirit! All these spiritual weapons are launched through the mouth. Without the use of your mouth, God cannot do anything. We launch these weapons through the mouth.

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You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. That led to some pretty nasty e-mail and text messages over the course of a week. It was confusing and hurtful and the temptation was to answer her in the same spirit. But I sensed the Holy Spirit offering sound wisdom: I set my heart to wait 24 hours.

Some issues are emergent. But you can step back, take a deep breath, pray, seek wisdom from the Scriptures and let the wisdom you put in your heart teach your mouth. You can guard your mouth instead of opening your lips wide. You can avoid the snare the enemy has put before you. You can decide not to allow your lips to enter contention. Waiting also gives the person who delivered the questionable message time to cool down or reconsider their stance. Instead of adding fleshly fuel to the fire and letting a poisonous tongue bring division by answering in the same spirit, you can wait until you have peace in your heart and respond out of that peace.

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And He Himself will rule them with a rod of iron. He Himself treads the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God. You are not using any of your spiritual weapons of warfare effectively until you learn to open your mouth promptly to reject and condemn every evil tongue and word against you.

Believers are not in spiritual warfare to fight, wrestle or contend against Satan for victory. Sadly, many believers today who claim to be fighting in spiritual warfare are striving to gain victory over Satan and his cohorts. This mindset is the primary cause of their constant fear and defeat in spiritual battles!

Believers are not called and equipped by God to fight in spiritual warfare to gain victory over Satan and his cohorts and works.

This is a pivotal truth! The Scripture clearly teaches that believers have already won and gained victory over Satan and his demons through the death of Jesus Christ on the cross. This victory is not a partial, incomplete, gradual or ongoing victory; rather, it is an absolute, total, final, complete, perfect and permanent victory! As a born-again believer in Christ, you already have the victory in Christ and through Christ. You must wage your warfare with this mindset. The devil will always seek to trick, confuse, or deceive you into seeking to fight to have or gain victory, thereby robbing you of the victory you already have in and through Jesus Christ.

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  5. But, you must always stand firm in the victory and fight in the victory that Jesus Christ has won for you Gal. If it is true that Christ through His death on the cross has defeated and destroyed Satan and all his works once and for all, why then do believers still need to contend or wrestle with Satan in spiritual warfare? To appropriate, defend, enforce, manifest or demonstrate the victory that Christ has won for them over Satan and all his cohorts and works! Satan is an unrepentant or sworn enemy of God and His children.

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    He will never stop seeking to control, exploit, deceive or manipulate you, and to steal from you the blessings you already have in Christ. Satan vehemently hates you and he will never change his mind or disposition towards you Rev. Beloved, there is no truce, respite or ceasefire in spiritual warfare.

    Your Mouth and Your Warfare Your Mouth and Your Warfare
    Your Mouth and Your Warfare Your Mouth and Your Warfare
    Your Mouth and Your Warfare Your Mouth and Your Warfare
    Your Mouth and Your Warfare Your Mouth and Your Warfare
    Your Mouth and Your Warfare Your Mouth and Your Warfare
    Your Mouth and Your Warfare Your Mouth and Your Warfare
    Your Mouth and Your Warfare Your Mouth and Your Warfare

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