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In , her own fertility story came full circle when she gave birth to a baby created from the eggs frozen before her cancer treatment. I wanted you when I was only nine years old, a Catholic school girl with vacillating dreams between becoming a nun and professional baseball player. I especially wanted you that moment they told me I may not get to have you—when cancer treatment and my future fertility collided to create the worst time of my life.

You see, my love, I wanted you so much, especially at that moment the doctor told me to freeze my eggs. A few days after that conversation, I started to inject myself with special medications to trick my body into producing more eggs than normal in one month. The doctor said the more eggs we retrieved, the better—but not too many or it could damage me in the process. Thankfully, they know what they are doing!

I would do whatever it took to make sure we had a chance to be together. So for two weeks, I gave myself those shots morning and night. I went to the fertility clinic almost every other day to check on my progress. They measured how my body was reacting to the medications by checking my hormone levels and doing ultrasounds of my ovaries.

It was a much happier time visiting the fertility clinic to talk about the progress I was making to preserve my future fertility than it was visiting my oncologist! It was pretty funny, but such a hopeful time—we laughed about that call years later. I was so relieved and grateful that I cried and thanked her.

You see, that meant I had far more than one chance for one of those 31 eggs to become you one day. I know that sounds so much like science fiction or make believe. I put all my hope in them, Dante… for many years. Or rather, the idea of you. I pictured our laughter together, us dancing in the living room, our snuggles and all the firsts we were going to have together.

I let this dream about us motivate my recovery, my return to work, my advocacy efforts to help other cancer survivors protect their fertility, and especially my decision to have you as my five year cancer-versary present, rather than take that trip to Italy. As you grew from a seed to a baby in my tummy, I talked to you, sang to you, and read to you. One morning, I woke up with the name Dante on my mind. We endured so much to be mother and son, my love. But more importantly, my love for you is the most enduring feeling I can imagine.

You completed my life October 11, when we locked eyes for the first time, just moments after you took your first breath. The journey to get to you may have seemed long at times and maybe even a little cold for you, darling! May you dream big dreams, ever changing, and always know that no matter what life throws our way, we got this.

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Dear Dante: a letter from breast cancer survivor Alice Crisci to her “miracle baby”

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Dear Dante Dear Dante
Dear Dante Dear Dante
Dear Dante Dear Dante
Dear Dante Dear Dante
Dear Dante Dear Dante
Dear Dante Dear Dante
Dear Dante Dear Dante
Dear Dante Dear Dante
Dear Dante Dear Dante

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