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Continue until every dribbler is out and then switch team roles. The team with the most runs wins. To play this game, all the players must spread out on a line on the court baseline, sideline, three-point line, etc. One or two players will be the designated taggers. Players who are not taggers will each have a basketball. Each player has to remain on a line at all times throughout the game as the taggers attempt to tag the other players who are not "it. If a player who is not "it" gets touched by a tagger, steps off of a line or losses control of their ball, they are "out" until the next game.

The last person who has not yet been tagged is the winner and the game restarts with the last one or two players to be tagged starting as the taggers.


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How low can you go while dribbling a basketball? For this game, two players hold a long stick or pole while the rest of the players form a single file line behind them. Players take turns dribbling under the limbo pole, holding their bodies lower and lower every time. The pole should start out at shoulder height and move down with each round, after every player has had a chance to go through. If a player can't control the ball and make it under the pole, they're out of the game.

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The player who is able to go the lowest wins. Divide your group into two or more even teams. Line up the players at a point just beyond their shooting comfort zone. This could be at the three-point line or half court. Set the clock for 10 seconds, and see how many baskets each player can make before the next player moves into position for their 10 seconds on the clock. The player with the most baskets wins. Divide your group into two or more teams and have each group form a single file line behind the baseline. Each team will have one ball, and the first player in line will dribble as fast as they can, while controlling the ball, to the opposite baseline or half-court line and back.

They will then hand the ball off to the next player in line on their team who will in turn run their leg of the race. The first team to complete the race and get back to the baseline wins. Look for this banner for recommended activities. Join Active or Sign In. Summer Camps Hiking Camping Fishing. By Brian Kendall and Angela Bekkala. A grown up then stops the music without looking, obviously This traditional game was inspired by Winnie-the-Pooh and you'll need a bridge over running water to play.

Players have to pick a stick each which they then drop into the water from one side of the bridge at the same time. Obviously it's worth making sure they check with mum and dad before they start playing this one, as it can be a bit dangerous and we don't want to be blamed for any broken vases. Your child needs to imagine the ground is made from hot lava, and if they touch it they will get hurt. The children need to find places which are high up, such as furniture if you're playing indoors or logs or stones if outside, to move between so they don't touch the scary lava.

They have to try and catch the other players, who should make noises and poke whoever is 'it' to give them a hint about where they are. Remember, you need to play this game in a large open space to make sure the blindfolded child doesn't walk into anything.

It's also worth telling your kids they need to tell the person who is 'it' if they are about to walk into anything so they don't hurt themselves. Hold it for a short time and if they move, they are out. If they don't move, turn the music on again and repeat. All but one of two of the kids must lie down on the floor with their eyes closed and pretend they are sleeping. The two standing players - the hunters - must move around the sleeping lions and try and make them move without touching them.

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Anyone they spot moving becomes one of the hunters and has to try and get the remaining sleeping lions to wake. Simon then calls out actions starting with the phrase "Simon says", for example "Simon says touch your toes". They can learn a lot from playing Image: Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice.

Video Loading Video Unavailable. Click to play Tap to play. Tunnel tag is a variation on freeze tag. In freeze tag, kids "freeze" in the position they're in when tagged.

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In tunnel tag, someone has to crawl through a child's feet to "unfreeze" him or her so they can rejoin the game. When a tagger approaches a child in this game, he or she must squat down and say the name of a vegetable or fruit for protection. If the tagger gets you first, you also become "it. In this variation, when a child is tagged, he or she places a hand on the spot that was tagged. The child must keep a hand on that spot for the rest of the game. If the child gets tagged a second time, a hand must be placed on the second spot.

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Now the child has used up all the band-aids. If tagged a third time, the child must go to the "hospital" the sidelines and do five jumping jacks to "get well" and rejoin the game. For this game, you'll need several empty two-liter soda bottles and a few balls smaller ones like tennis balls are best. Line the bottles up in a row.

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Divide the group of kids in half, one group standing on either side of the bottles at a distance. Each team gets a chance to try and knock down the bottles as quickly as they can. The adult times the kids and names the winner.

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Another version of this game uses clear bottles and green bottles. The team on one side tries to knock down clear bottles, and the other team knocks down the green ones. Kids may add their own rules to this game, such as a penalty for knocking down the wrong color. Go with the flow, making sure everyone understands any additional rules that pop up.

Gather some easily recognizable objects and hide them around a couple rooms of the house. Give each child a list of items to look for and clues to help them find the objects. You can pair kids up or assign teams to play. This game also works well outdoors provided you set some boundaries the edges of the yard, certain spots in the park for the kids to work inside. What the game teaches: Gavin, MD Date reviewed: March More on this topic for:

Her Childrens Game Her Childrens Game
Her Childrens Game Her Childrens Game
Her Childrens Game Her Childrens Game
Her Childrens Game Her Childrens Game
Her Childrens Game Her Childrens Game
Her Childrens Game Her Childrens Game
Her Childrens Game Her Childrens Game
Her Childrens Game Her Childrens Game

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