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Savita's memory loss gets worse as she mistakes which shop she took her jewellery to. Bhavna gets a change of heart and finally agrees to the adoption. Vaishali sees Dharmesh and she starts to follow him. Archana hears Sachin crying and she goes to calm him down, not knowing that Savita would think he went missing. Friday 17 August Episode 74 Ajit tells Vanita that if she talks to Manav about these accusations, he wont talk to her again. Archana finds out that she's pregnant. The face of the unknown man Shibu is working for, is finally revealed.

Saturday 18 August Episode 75 Manav tells Ajit that until he comes to his senses, he will never set foot in his house again. Savita misunderstands why her jewellery is on Archana's bed and as a result she makes her own assumptions.

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The police finally apprehend Dharmesh. Manjusha sees Manohar leaving so late at night and she decides to investigate the situation. After causing a rift between Archana and Vaishali, Dharmesh decides to target Vinod next. Monday 20 August Episode 77 Manav by accident tells the officials about Varsha's past mistake and it causes them to relook Satish and Varsha's application.

Manjusha tells Dharmesh everything Vinod was suppose to do she will do it as long as he keeps his end of the deal. Manohar tells Manav the truth after Manav sees him late at night with a uniform on.

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Sunanda tells Varsha that before you can disown Archana you will have to disown me first. Wednesday 22 August Episode 79 Dharmesh goes to Vaishali to present to her the divorce papers as part of his mind games. Manav goes to his mother so he could acquire the solution to all his problems. Archana doesn't tell Manav about the terrible pain she has been experiencing. Archana's pain gets worse and it leads to Manav taking her to the hospital, where he finds out everything. Manohar lies to his family about where he goes late at night. Friday 24 August Episode 81 Dharmesh tries to emotionally blackmail Vaishali, luckily Vinod sees this and he takes action.

The bank comes to reposes the house and the family is left powerless. Manav takes a huge risk that could possibily ruin his life just so he could help save the house. Savita gets a change of heart as she pawns her jewellery to help Manav.

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Sunday 26 August Episode 83 Soon after Savita bails Manav out of jail things slowly start to improve. Its initial concept is an adaptation from south Indian Tamil serial Thirumathi Selvam.

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Pavitra Rishta is the love story of a couple, Manav Deshmukh Sushant Singh Rajput , who is a garage mechanic and earns money for his lower-middle-class family and Archana Karanjkar Ankita Lokhande , the partially educated, eldest daughter in her family of five and focuses on their difficulties in getting married and living in Mumbai. Manav and Archana are rebuked for this and left on the road to fend for themselves.

After struggling with poverty and the grief of Archana's miscarriage, Manav's fate smiles at him and he becomes a rich successful businessman, but Savita Tai's new found jealousy towards Archana makes her a barrier between him and Archana, she hatches a plot and separates them, she asks Sachin to make Archana sign the divorce papers. Manav Hiten Tejwani thinks that Archana has left him, and so he leaves for Canada with his family and twin daughters Ovi and Tejaswini and Archana lives in India with her mother and adopted daughter Purvi. After a leap of 18 years, Archana and Manav are about to be divorced and are forced to live together as part of the Court procedure.

They eventually unite and also find their long-lost son, Soham, who had been kidnapped by Varsha, Soham's apparent death had been the final nail on the coffin on Manav-Archana's relationship. It seemed that Varsha and Soham had been dead for 18 years but actually she and Soham had escaped death. Later on, Varsha makes Soham believe that his parents Manav and Archana don't care about him and that she's the one that cares about him. Later on, Varsha gives Soham back to his parents.

The story also leads to a love triangle between both Manav's daughters, Purvi and Ovi, who love Arjun Kirloskar, Manav's business partner's son, who loves Purvi, and eventually marries her, but then Ovi says she wants to marry him, so she does and Purvi gets heartbroken. The show takes yet another generation leap of 20 years, repeating the separation track by showing Arjun and Purvi as a to-be divorced couple and a love triangle between Soham's a. After a long time, Ankita and Naren reunite as do Arjun and Purvi.

Pari eventually apologies for all she's done and the family comes together. The show ends with Archana and Manav's death as they are united in Heaven. The show's time slot was changed from Pavitra Rishta received several awards and nominations. Manav hears about the acid incident.

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Ajit throws the photos of what he did to Vanita into the crowd for everyone to see. Monday 7 May Episode 72 Vanita tries to drown herself and even though Archana can't swim, she risks her own life to save Vanita. Tuesday 8 May Episode 73 Manav's garage gets temporarily closed down. Manav sees Vanita crying at one of the pillars at the temple.

Question is, what has she done?

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Wednesday 9 May Episode 74 Ajit tells Vanita that she is now legally his wife so he can do with her just as he pleases. Archana consoles Savita after she hears her crying in the passage. Varsha asks Manjusha to tell Rasika that, if she ever tries to harm Vanita or Archana in any way she will feel her wrath. Friday 11 May Episode 76 Manav sees the wedding necklace he gave to Archana around Shalini's neck and he asks her nicely not to wear it.

Rasika insults the entire Deshmukh family and even forces Savita to dance with anklets on in front of everyone. Savita gives Manav permission to go stay at Archana's house for the next five days. Sunday 13 May Episode 78 Sunanda gets an asthma attack and the one who comes to her rescue is Manav.

Savita slowly starts to accept and love Archana, almost like a change of heart. Monday 14 May Episode 79 Manav stands up for Manjusha after a thief drops jewellery in her shopping bag and the shop owner accuses her.

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Rasika tells Bhavna all about Varsha's past mistake of having an affair with Ashwin, her former boss. Tuesday 15 May Episode 80 Savita tells Archana that the same wedding necklace she gave back she will wear at Varsha's wedding ceremony. Manohar gets robbed after with drawning a lot of money from the bank. Manav comes to Manohar's rescue. Wednesday 16 May Episode 81 Vinod tells Ajit and Rasika that whatever they did at Archana's wedding better not happen at Varsha's wedding.

Secret Ties Secret Ties
Secret Ties Secret Ties
Secret Ties Secret Ties
Secret Ties Secret Ties
Secret Ties Secret Ties
Secret Ties Secret Ties
Secret Ties Secret Ties

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