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The exploration he undertakes is, in some sense, a replacement for his failures. If he succeeds, it will bring him purpose. However, the journey proves to be full of dangerous obstacles. Shelley quite clearly borrowed from Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poem 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner' to express the loneliness of a seafaring man. In fact, Shelley directly refers to 'Ancient Mariner' in the edition of the novel.

Frankenstein Kids - All Aboard: All Aboard (Paperback)

Walton loses control over his crew and is very much isolated aboard the ship. Ultimately, he meets and rescues Victor Frankenstein. They form a fast friendship, based on mutual ambitions, and Walton attentively transcribes Victor's story. After Victor's death, however, we remain unsure of Walton's fate, and never know whether he succeeds in his endeavor or whether he makes it back home at all. The beginning of Victor Frankenstein's story details his upbringing and his education, the latter of which shows him becoming increasingly isolated from his friends and family.

He is initially inspired by the theory of galvanism , the use of electricity to stimulate matter. Although he becomes briefly disenchanted with the natural sciences, he is reinvigorated while studying at university. There he loses contact with his loved ones, and especially with his Elizabeth, whom he is betrothed to marry. At the height of his obsession, Victor basks in his self-appointed loneliness.


He believes his creation will be his only friend. This is not the case. Victor abandons the creature and falls deathly ill. With the aid of his childhood friend Henry Clerval, Victor recovers, but he never regains the full ability to be sociable--especially when he and his family are being hunted by the creature.

Eventually, all of Victor's loved ones die, and he is completely isolated. This feeling of irreversible loneliness drives his vengeance against the creature. When the creature flees from Victor's lab, he finds his way to some remote woods.

Victor Frankenstein's Lonely Experiment

There he learns language through the aid of discarded books and by clandestinely observing a nearby family. Although he is lonely, the creature initially sees himself as a part of the family, and he helps them by discretely gathering wood for fire. However, he is ultimately scorned by the family and then violently pushed away by other people. He comes to find that loneliness is his fate. After Victor tears to pieces the creature's supposed mate, the creature truly begins his path of destruction, hoping to make his creator's life as lonely as his.

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Frankenstein disturbingly reflects and foreshadows the devastating losses that Shelley would experience around the time of the novel's publication. Her first daughter died in , and two other children died shortly after the novel was completed. Perhaps most devastating of all, she lost her husband, Percy Shelley , in The extreme loneliness she felt is expressed routinely and with great emotion in her letters and in her journal entries.

All of this loss perhaps inspired her novel The Last Man about a plague that wipes out all of humanity, save one lonely person. In this lesson, we explored the theme of loneliness in Frankenstein as expressed through three characters--Robert Walton, Victor Frankenstein, and the creature.

Frankenstein Kids: All Aboard: All Aboard

They join forces with three more Frankenstein Kids, one of which is the President's daughter. Together, they must use their knack for inventing to overcome obstacles.

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Will the Frankenstein Kids be able to help the humans return to Earth? Will the Zerku finally destroy the Aquarinians and the humans? Join the Frankenstein Kids on this exciting adventure.

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All Aboard Paperback Loot Price: Description Details Customer Reviews What would you do if a spacecraft crashed in your back yard? Deshawn and Marty, both Frankenstein kids, are both smart and creative. Will they be able to help Saturnado, a space alien repair his spaceship? Will Saturnado be discovered and captured by government officials? Will the Frankenstein Kids save the day?

Frankenstein Kids : All Aboard Frankenstein Kids : All Aboard
Frankenstein Kids : All Aboard Frankenstein Kids : All Aboard
Frankenstein Kids : All Aboard Frankenstein Kids : All Aboard
Frankenstein Kids : All Aboard Frankenstein Kids : All Aboard
Frankenstein Kids : All Aboard Frankenstein Kids : All Aboard
Frankenstein Kids : All Aboard Frankenstein Kids : All Aboard
Frankenstein Kids : All Aboard Frankenstein Kids : All Aboard
Frankenstein Kids : All Aboard Frankenstein Kids : All Aboard

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