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Acta Genet Med Gemellol Roma. Abstract Twins are regularly reported to invent languages of their own, unintelligible to others. There is also the factor of premature birth, contributing to cognitive as well as physical consequences, which could be an underlying cause of delayed speech development.


Nevertheless, a lot of multiples are able to catch up with other children as soon as they begin going to school. This is because they are able to be in the company of other children and learn how to communicate like the others do.

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Teachers are also able to help as they are more focused on teaching the children how to express themselves. There are however some that could have speech problems which could create difficulties later on, especially with reading or with spelling. These problems could be avoided through speech therapy early on.

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While twin talk can be quite fascinating and what everyone would say is really cute, it is just as important for parents to help their twins develop proper speech. There are certain things that can be done to help them communicate properly, not only between themselves but with other members of the family and eventually, people outside of their homes as well. Though parents can certainly be very busy taking care of the basic needs of their children, there must be time allotted to talk to them.

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Encouraging them to play with other children instead of exclusively with each other can help them develop their language skills. Take the time to read to them. Reading has numerous advantages, one of them being able to articulate what one wants to say. It is also best to encourage words instead of gestures when communicating. Conversing with them and allowing them to express their opinions is another good way of developing language skills.

Autonomous languages of twins.

Having twins in the family may be a bit more difficult for parents, but they are double the joy as well. They will always have their own little secrets, something that cannot be helped. Resources for idioglossia Time Traveler! Explore the year a word first appeared. Dictionary Entries near idioglossia idiochromosome idiocy idiogenesis idioglossia idiogram idiographic idiokinetic.

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