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Reaching down, he grasped the box he was aiming for, and tugged. It did not budge. Connor forced himself to remain calm as his lungs began to burn; it would do him no good to panic and would only serve to deplete his air more quickly. Glancing at the chest of drawers, he realized that it was bolted to the floor. His pistols were useless underwater. The chest was mostly iron-bound Gritting his teeth, he flipped the blade around so that the spike was down and then, fighting against the water's resistance, he swung it down into the wooden portion of the chest's side.

The chest itself did not move, but the unprotected wood splintered easily beneath the powerful blow. The slight victory bolstered his spirits more than it probably should have; the second blow's opening of a hole in the chest bolstered him further.

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Connor struck it once more, and then he was able to reach his hand inside after sheathing his tomahawk once more. The items he was searching for met his grasping fingers. He was quick to pull them free: Connor did not know precisely what the dagger was for, only that it was the source of the danger he had been warned about.

Connor turned towards the door, intending to escape the way he had come in. As he swam upwards towards it, he could see the doors attached to the frame, swinging back and forth. He would have to be careful.

Sum of Memories Chapter 1: Prologue: The Storm, an assassin's creed fanfic | FanFiction

Around him, the timber of the ship's hull groaned. The pressure was increasing. The need for air was nearly overpowering; he struck towards the door again, desperate to get out of there and get to the surface. He passed the doorframe, extending his arms outward for another sweep. A sudden surge of water nearly forced him backwards into the cabin. Connor reached out with his free hand and grabbed the frame, grinding his teeth against the current.

A dark shape moved in the corner of his eye. Connor turned instinctively towards it, thrusting his hand containing the strange dagger out to defend himself from whatever predator was there. The other door slammed into his arm, forcing the dagger back towards him.

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Connor gasped, releasing what little air he had left in a stream of bubbles. His lungs seized reflexively; icy saltwater rushed down his throat, threatening to gag him even as he looked down to the metal blade that was buried in his abdomen. His hands shook as he laboriously pulled himself free of the cabin, floating away from the sinking hull of the ship as blackness began to creep in on his vision. Connor gasped vainly for air, only succeeding in inhaling more water. Crimson gushed, scalding, through his fingers with every heartbeat.

His hand loosened its grip as numbness took hold. A golden flash of light filled his vision. There was sunlight, above him, though everything was beginning to grow dim. The last thing that Connor Kenway saw before his heart stopped was a large, dark shape soaring overhead, a splash violently disturbing the water.

Something rushed past him, hurtling down into the depths. Compulsory and Standard Disclaimer: I do not own Assassin's Creed in any of its forms, save for the copies I have of each game but Liberation. Assassin's Creed belongs in its entirety to Ubisoft. The only character I own is Cosette Delacroix. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. During a mission, Connor Kenway encounters more than he bargained for when he is sent hurtling to a time that is not his own. AU as of Black Flag's release.

Sum of Memories Prologue: Up ahead, Connor glimpsed a flash of light in the distance: I can see the mast light. The Morrigan was down. Connor had wondered, more than once, what all it meant. He had left the artifact in the ship. Connor drew his tomahawk.

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But now, it was time to get out of this wreck before it sank any further. A searing burst of pain spread through his stomach. Connor knew no more.

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    ST 31 – Season 1 EP 006: The Sum of One’s Memories

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    Sum of Memories Sum of Memories
    Sum of Memories Sum of Memories
    Sum of Memories Sum of Memories
    Sum of Memories Sum of Memories
    Sum of Memories Sum of Memories
    Sum of Memories Sum of Memories
    Sum of Memories Sum of Memories

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