Le coincidenze dellamore (Leggereditore Narrativa) (Italian Edition)

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Nella cava di Quarrytown sono custoditi segreti, sentimenti sepolti e nuove irrefrenabili passioni. L'amore in gioco di Kate McCarthy - 20 dicembre. La gente adora gli scandali. Nessuno lo sa meglio di me. Non desideravo altro che essere il migliore, ed ero disposto a tutto per dimostrare che si sbagliavano. Ma sono andato troppo oltre, ci ho provato troppo, e sono finito in pezzi. Australiana con una borsa di studio internazionale, ero una calciatrice che sognava di diventare famosa e non aveva tempo per un wide receiver straordinario ma dal pessimo carattere. I placed his shirt and tie on the counter, grabbed a facecloth and wet it.

Meanwhile, Jimmy stared off into the distance, his mind obviously far away once again. The cold damp cloth made contact and he reared back, nostrils flaring. I just need to get my bag and jacket. His chin jerked and his gaze skittered over me. Lips fine, he studied the slowly drying patch on the front of my blouse. The air hissed out between his teeth and his expression calmed. I nodded, giving him a small smile. Hai intenzione di andare prima o poi? Ringraziai Dio per questo. Still, I swear I could feel his pain bearing down on me, threatening to snap me in two. Today he needed a friend.

All sorts of things, really. But every time I went there from then on, she made time to talk to me, even if it was just for two minutes. Still, she always made a point of giving that to me. She kept an eye on me and Dave, made sure we were clothed and fed, that we had what we needed.

She cared when no one else gave a shit. Jimmy carefully picked up the piece of paper in front of him, folding it back up. The poetry was in him, in the way he was baring his heart to these people. He stood tall, facing the crowd. His truth might not be pretty, but there was strength in his stance, pride. Warmth bloomed in my chest at the sight. I slid into the pew and retook my seat. Jimmy deposited himself next to me, the leg of his suit pants brushing against mine. Honestly, after all the drama and emotional upheaval, sticking close seemed a good idea. For him, of course.

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His gaze dropped briefly to where we connected before moving away. He made a noise. It sounded agreeable enough. Up in the pulpit the preacher started talking. He looked straight ahead, however, apparently unaware of what his thigh was doing. Nothing showed on his face. Maybe it was his way of acknowledging me, of saying thank you. Or maybe the man had a cramp. A small smile curved my lips, my shoulders sagging with relief.

Yes, I could admit to missing having someone special sometimes. Hence my vow to stay sexless and single. I had to protect myself from my own shitty taste in men, even if I did find my own hugs somewhat lacking. Though I think that was probably a blessing. It was a lot to take in. The way I saw him was altering today in all sorts of ways. She too had tried several of the desserts. Maybe he likes you. We are talking about the same Jimmy Ferris here? She barked out a laugh. I wrinkled my nose. These are the risks we take when we care about people.

Something in the way she said that set me on edge. Jimmy and I are strictly a business relationship. I just need a little help getting back on my feet. Have a little respect, huh? The sight brought the cold rushing back in. Last I heard she was still in LA. It must be a Ferris thing, they both did it at times of stress, bewilderment or just about any other emotion. He just stood there, bleeding. Jimmy turned, giving their mom one last look. To all the world, his gaze must have looked bored, irritated.

But the fingers fussing at the bottom of his jacket gave him away, to me at least. Should we buy her some warmer clothes? They really were similar in so many ways. You have any idea what something like that costs? The man had more money than god. He was right, the thing deserved a one-way ticket to the ragbag. I snapped my mouth shut and pushed up my glasses, got busy digging in the medicine chest.

I waited for him to finish. He scowled at the wall, avoiding my eyes completely. I was mostly useful. This man, he did my head in. It seemed only fair to repay the favor in kind.

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It was just beautiful, like poetry. He sniffed disdainfully, giving me a dour look. Down the hallway drifted various noises as the wake slowly started winding down. There was the clink of plates and cutlery being gathered. I could hear Mal saying goodbye to someone followed by the hair-raising bang of the front door. It must have been caught by the wind. Some old Bob Dylan tune played low beneath it all. His day, after all, had been far worse than mine.

He looked up at me, eyes unguarded. For a moment, I actually forgot myself. Then he turned away. We need to clean it really well. He wrinkled his nose at the smell. If I could just keep things light and easy everything would be okay. Or at least, as light and easy as things ever got between us. The air of misery around him, however, made it impossible to keep a distance. He turned away, hands tight around the first aid kit making it creak again.

Carefully, I kept rubbing the cream in. The main problem with me is my mouth. In that I have one and use it far more than I probably should.

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Jimmy leaned back, away from my fingers. Seemed the least I could do was give her a shove in the right direction. Che testa di cazzo. Seems harsh not to give her the same chance. Hell, you threatened to, remember? All she did was hit me up for more money every fucking chance she got.


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I studied my feet and stayed silent. But I was stuck, forced to bear witness. I highly doubted Jimmy would appreciate me seeing quite so much of him in one day. Not him as in the physical, but him and his secrets, his past. Such information had a way of binding people and my boss was one of the least likely people to want such a thing. The strained relationship he had with his brother, whom he also worked with, was a prime example.

I waited till Jimmy and I were alone to speak. For a long moment the only sound was the dripping of the tap. Time to break the silence. Jimmy looked up at me from beneath his dark brows. His eyes were like ice storms, his jaw rigid. Just like I said you would. The edge of his mouth twitched. Something inside of me lightened at the sight. He shook his head. Cap 4 tre italiano. On screen, a hockey game raged on, the someones against the someone elses. Contrary to my hopes, the feelings had not dissipated. Instead, they seemed to have settled in for the duration, sinking further and further into my heart and mind.

All of those glimpses into his psyche and his troubled past had changed things irrevocably. Both in how I looked at him, and how often. The truth was, this horrible idiotic crush, or whatever the hell it was, probably showed on my face every time I turned his way. It certainly felt like it did.

Mi misi a ridere, ma dentro di me ero terrorizzata a morte. Oh, Cristo santo, aveva fiutato qualcosa, si era accorto della mia sciocca, insensata adorazione per lui e per ogni suo minimo particolare. Chi volevo prendere in giro? Me lo si leggeva sicuramente in faccia ogni volta che lo guardavo. Io perlomeno avevo quella brutta sensazione. Non sarei mai riuscita a tenerlo nascosto, mai. La sbandata che mi ero presa era troppo grossa, troppo struggente….

He slumped further down in the corner of the couch, a frown embedded into his handsome face. I highly doubted a male model could have worn them as well. The man just had innate style and show. With my hair messily tied up on top of my head and glasses sitting on the end of my nose, I probably looked like an early candidate for a crazy cat lady. I put my e-reader aside, giving it up as a lost cause. With him in the room, I apparently had the concentration span of a four-year-old loaded up on sugar. But also, I had in fact come down here for a particular reason. Tiny rivers of rain trickled down the outside of the window and a street light shone in the distance.

Typical cold wet weather for this time of year.

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Just the thought of what it would be like outside in it was enough to make me shiver. He slicked back his hair with the palm of his hand. You normally hang out in your room at night. Lots and lots and then a bit more besides, the bulk of which I was still figuring out. No neat conclusions had yet presented themselves. I might have lied a smidgeon about not being worried about him. He did seem fine. The funeral and his big blow-up still felt fresh. I pulled my comfy big old green cardigan tighter around me, feeling self-conscious.

Plus the headlights were on high beam for some reason. Let us not explore why. I must be getting soft. His head lay against the back of the couch, slowly looking me over. Nothing changed in his face, but his eyes seemed to heat somehow. Or maybe I was just imaging things. The room however was lovely and warm as the couch beneath my butt was beautifully comfortable. You can pick something to watch if you want. A soft chuckle came out of him, a rare, delightful sound indeed.

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It tickled over my skin in the strangest yet nicest fashion. Only I operate the remote. I had it shipped from Germany, special. My mom had always done the cooking at home, suited me fine. That was some weird random mechanical fault on the part of the universe. Next was some old 80s made-for-TV movie. You could tell by the hair, it was so high and dry looking. What wonders a keratin treatment would have done for those poor women.

And the ginormous shoulder pads, yikes. With the press of a button, miles and miles of bare and bouncy flesh filled the wide screen. Those puppies stayed eerily gravity-defying still. Jimmy sniggered and changed the channel, cars roared around a racetrack. Jimmy winced, rubbing his ear. My irony-laden comment garnered a lone grunt. Though to be fair, he could put a lot of emotion into a grunt, quite a variation of tone and character. The way Jimmy did it, it was almost a sentence, a story. He turned being a caveman into an art form. I thought I detected a hint of somber to his voice.

Perhaps Ev had been right and he was lonely. Often the guys were coming and going during the day, but with Mal spending some time in Idaho with his family, the band was on a break. Jimmy had been more fidgety than normal, at a loss for what to do with himself. Even normally, however, nighttimes were quiet in the big house. We sat in silence for a while, both of us studying the screen.

Well, with the exception of me occasionally slyly studying him. Interestingly enough, he apparently got caught up in the period drama. It was nice—companionable—sitting there with him as opposed to hanging alone in my room. For his sake of course. The edge of his mouth turned downward. That I stole it to sleep in or something? Sure as hell, the truth deserved a good mocking. My shame knew no limits. Someone needs to pay for the stain on my soul. His broad shoulders seem to be bent beneath some weight, his spine bowed.

And then afterward, we could chill out and watch some TV. He watched me over his shoulder, a muscle twitching in his jaw. He was right of course, something was going on with me. What was going on with him and his brother concerned me much more. Ti prenoto un bel massaggio? Un piccolo muscolo si contrasse sulla mascella. The problem with the push-up lay within the way it pretty much mimicked the act of sex.

All the sweating, straining, and up and down of the pelvic region. Also, I really needed to get laid or find someone willing to hold hands with me at the very least. God, I hoped that was all. Nor was spending more time with him helping. I had to be reading the signals wrong.

Even if I was wrong, it might just be time to break the ban on men, sex, and romance. Or at least with regards to the men and sex parts. Problem was, time spent with him just soothed something in me. When everything had gone to shit. Sweat darkened the thin cotton of his shirt and the material stuck to him outlining each and every muscle.

Man, he had a lot of them, his arms for instance …. The side of his mouth curled up the tiniest bit. Good god, was that a flash of dimple? My pulse rocketed like it was the Fourth of July. I fucking loved dimples. They were so lickable, so divine. Instantly, I got wet. I just … what is that? I stopped and sniffed at the air. I thought my imagination must be playing tricks on me, but no.

Mi ero bagnata in un nanosecondo. Schizzai fuori dalla stanza. He sat back on his haunches. His gaze jumped to the item of clothing in question, left hanging on the back of a kitchen chair. It was a gray all-weather one, nothing fancy though I bet it cost a bomb. Perfectly suitable for skulking about outside to have a smoke. He licked his lips, eyes suddenly cagey. I can do what I like. He jumped to his feet, brushed off his hands. You and your health is exactly my business. Hand extended, he reached for the jacket.

Sadly, for him, I was well ahead of the game there. I clasped the coat to my chest, rifling through pockets one-handed. Still, I should have been paying more attention, been on it the minute it began. I liberated the gold cardboard box from a side pocket and held it behind me, out of his reach. Hand them over, Lena. The nice big eight-seater kitchen table made a suitable barricade. Though ideally an electric fence would have been best given the look on his face. Why did you do that, Jimmy? He declined to answer. Instead, slowly he moved left.

So I of course moved right, keeping the same distance and the bulk of the table between us. Did he really still think orders worked with me? By the firm set of his jaw, I guessed yes. Crazy wishful thinking on his part. His big body held preternaturally still, strong fingers grasping the back of the chair in front of him. We can do that. Slowly, he sat himself down in the chair. The he cocked his head, waiting for me to do likewise. Veins in his neck and arms stood out against the skin. The man must think I was an idiot. My breath quickened, breasts rising and falling beneath my shirt.

For a moment his gaze stayed caught on them, color lighting his face. Boobs did make for an awesome distraction. I might not be able to stop him smoking long term. But I was sure as hell stopping him for tonight and then talking to him properly about it. Sadly, he sat between me and the garbage composter which would have made short work of destroying the things. Shiny sharp teeth filled in his handsome smile.

And then I bolted. Adrenaline surged through me and my legs were pumping for all I was worth.

Given he liked jogging and I liked pie, this was to be expected. The chiming of the front door bell echoed through the house. I grabbed hold of the edge. But with his bare feet and my socked ones, neither of us had great traction. We did, however, have a lot of momentum. I flew forward, feet leaving the cold hard ground. As it was, my knees bore some of the impact, but he took the brunt. His palm smacked hard against the marble floor, breaking our fall and holding me up those few necessary inches to spare my face from meeting its doom. I lost my grip and the pack of cigarettes skittered across the floor, stopping.

Again the doorbell rang. My hair had escaped its topknot, falling in my face in a dark tangle. I spied the pack a few yards out from the front door and scurried forward, clawing after the damn thing. Jimmy put a halt to this by simply lowering his monstrous weight on top of me, trapping me belly down.

Muscle made him approximately the same bulk as a baby elephant. Jimmy laughed most evilly. My ass accidentally rubbed against his groin and oh wow, holy hell. A hot flush swept straight through me. So, it was arousing. I could feel his cock firming, pressing against my rear. Hell, now he was enjoying it too much too. It had to be just a physical response on his part. Someone banged on the front door. All while we wrestled it out in a pseudo-sexual manner on the front entry floor. Keys jangled and the lock turned, then David Ferris came in along with a gust of bitingly cold wet air.

A damp late-autumn leaf slapped me in the face. Jimmy carefully peeled it off before I could react. The wind cut off as David shut the door behind him. Enabled Amazon Best Sellers Rank: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Le coincidenze dell'amore Leggereditore Narrativa Italian Edition.

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Le coincidenze dellamore (Leggereditore Narrativa) (Italian Edition) Le coincidenze dellamore (Leggereditore Narrativa) (Italian Edition)
Le coincidenze dellamore (Leggereditore Narrativa) (Italian Edition) Le coincidenze dellamore (Leggereditore Narrativa) (Italian Edition)
Le coincidenze dellamore (Leggereditore Narrativa) (Italian Edition) Le coincidenze dellamore (Leggereditore Narrativa) (Italian Edition)
Le coincidenze dellamore (Leggereditore Narrativa) (Italian Edition) Le coincidenze dellamore (Leggereditore Narrativa) (Italian Edition)
Le coincidenze dellamore (Leggereditore Narrativa) (Italian Edition) Le coincidenze dellamore (Leggereditore Narrativa) (Italian Edition)
Le coincidenze dellamore (Leggereditore Narrativa) (Italian Edition) Le coincidenze dellamore (Leggereditore Narrativa) (Italian Edition)
Le coincidenze dellamore (Leggereditore Narrativa) (Italian Edition) Le coincidenze dellamore (Leggereditore Narrativa) (Italian Edition)
Le coincidenze dellamore (Leggereditore Narrativa) (Italian Edition) Le coincidenze dellamore (Leggereditore Narrativa) (Italian Edition)

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