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Just purchase 2 CDs like you normally would, and write which free CD you'd like in the paypal note box with the promo code: In other news, Aural Diptych 4 sold out really fast November 11th and is officially the fastest selling TQA-recs release of all time. The following new releases are now available for order: These will be shipped on their official release date: Next ADS coming up soon: This will be the last release of , the others have been postponed to We are squeezing their release in this fall schedule as they will be going on tour with Aidan Baker in Europe.

To redeem this, TQA r will put out their release just in time for their tour, that way they'll be carrying pieces of TQA with them. It will be a busy end of the year! I think the rest of what was planned will be carried over to Check out the updated roster on the left!

Doesn't it look good? Check out the details here: Elayne Safir provided the wonderful artwork, Ms. Meryem Yildiz provided a couple of surreal sets of diptych photography and TQA r put everything together with extra care, home-printed, handcut and handpackaged with love. This time around, we used delicate european Artoz envelopes, and the package design is looking better than ever!

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As always, these are very limited to copies only. With such an elaborate and unique package, I'm sure you understand. Thanks for your support. Their store opens in 10 days Add the Aftermath CD if you don't have it for a special price: Any orders starting from now on will be with the correct digipak, exactly as we wanted them to be: If you have already purchased the misprinted one but would like to get the corrected digipak, I can include it in your next order just email me.

In other news, the Aural Diptych Series have been featured in Hard Format , a blog about sublime design in audio media packaging. They have also been reviewed by Textura. We have received thisquietarmy's Aftermath CDs! Unfortunately, there is a little misprint on the front cover see picture. Instead of delaying the release to correct it, we decided to make it available, as is. The pressing plant has agreed to send us the corrected digipaks to replace them, but it could take up to a month.

When that happens, the misprinted version will be very limited collector's item. If you wish to wait for the corrected version, that is your choice, but it's really a minor misprint and the music remains completely unaffected. At worse, you could ask me to include the corrected digipak in your next order. Take advantage of our special bundles: Pre-order is in effect now!

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Shipping on April 6th. Special bundle pre-order price for both releases: We are once again teaming up with visual artist Meryem Yildiz as she will provide her trademark diptych photography as the artwork to be included in the packages. The packaging format will follow the custom-made one we did for TQA , i.

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  • This said, we are happy to announce the first artists of the ADS series:. He has since relocated to Brooklyn, NY and self-released a solo album with 50 different handmade covers. David is pretty active in the Montreal music scene as a booker and show promoter under the name The Grand Theft Ottoman Empire. It will be re-released as part of a split with thisquietarmy, while we patiently wait for their full-length album, to be released by Textura this spring.

    First, a new EP sampler called "Meanwhile". I was hoping that we would've seen a new album out by now, but it looks like it has been delayed. In fact, there are quite a few albums that have been in the works since this summer, and I imagine that they would be released throughout So if you are, like myself, impatient It contains 4 brand new tracks The tracks are still untitled, and are a different edit from how they will appear on the proper album.

    The shipping is pricey for this item, but it shows how heavy it is! Well-worth it if you're into those two labels and artists. The CD-R contains 21 minutes of exclusive music 2 new tracks: Also included is a set of 4 photographs by Meryem Yildiz www. Secondly, I have new thisquietarmy army green Tank T-shirts for sale, they were made in Germany and they were designed by Matt Gauck from Portland. As you may or may not me, thisquietarmy my music project is about to go on a month long European tour with Nadja.

    Thus, I will be away from May 30th to June 23rd inclusive. As you can guess, shipping of orders won't be occuring for that period or very sporadically, depending on orders as some titles will be on the road as well Please check out the shows if you're anywhere near these: IVI, Frankfurt, Germany - Limited to copies, to be sold on tour only , unless copies remain post-tour doubtful. Of course, all operations will resume, late June. Thank you for your understanding!

    Because of their very busy schedule, it took about a year before the two artists decided to get together to work on these tracks again. This time, Baker finalized the mixes in his home studio, resulting again in four long movements, clocking at around an hour's length. Instead of the overall terror-ambient feel of their first collaboration, the first two tracks actually find both guitarists exploring the brighter side of their spectrum, evoking the hope and the beauty represented in Christy Romanick's photographs that were again used for the artwork, in conjunction with Quach's sketches.

    Was really a year without releases for TQA R? Thisquietarmy - Hi My Quiet Tsar 1. It also comes with the CD version. The tracklist features the 3 original tracks on the EP plus 3 brand new ones, never released before!

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    • Thisquietarmy's sophomore album - - - technically, it's an EP, but it's 41 minutes, so it's sort of a mini-album? Either way, who cares! The fine folks at Elevation Recordings have released this beautiful digipak, with the amazing artwork by Annie Stephens. Here 's what Elevation says about it. We have Thisquietarmy T-Shirts for sale! Light grey print on black American Apparel Shirts.

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      We only have about 20 of them for the online store, be quick! We will definitely continue to release great music when the time and project is right. We have things in the works that will be revealed all in due time. Thank you for your patience. Meanwhile, some news about our artists: Thisquietarmy's debut album is finally available for order!

      It is released worldwide by Foreshadow in Poland.

      German lettering "Papakind"

      Eight epic tracks running at The ebook is split into elements — and — , each one of which techniques the most important repertory of the interval in terms of essays investigating the highbrow and socio-political historical past of the time. Download e-book for iPad: The Will and Redemption: Die digitale Revolution der Musik: Eine Musikphilosophie - download pdf or read online. Afternoon of a Faun: Claude Debussy used to be the daddy of the fashionable period in classical tune. His ideas liberated Stravinsky, Schoenberg, and Bartok to jot down their iconoclastic works, and his harmonic innovations are nonetheless heard in American jazz.

      The Cambridge History of Nineteenth-Century Music The This entire assessment of tune within the 19th century attracts at the newest scholarship within the box.

      Papakind (German Edition) Papakind (German Edition)
      Papakind (German Edition) Papakind (German Edition)
      Papakind (German Edition) Papakind (German Edition)
      Papakind (German Edition) Papakind (German Edition)
      Papakind (German Edition) Papakind (German Edition)
      Papakind (German Edition) Papakind (German Edition)

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