Spiritual Love: A Conscious Approach To Life

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2. Always come from an authentic place.

Instead of falling into this trap, try to embrace the dark and give each other permission to bring all of the darkness to the table. As spiritual partners, your job is to love and support each other through these changes and sometimes that love and support may have to be from a distance and sometimes it may have to be more hands on. While this can be hard to determine at times, with continued support and love, the answer will slowly reveal itself.

The 6 Traits of Conscious Love.

Touch and intimacy are extremely important for any relationship as it can help to develop a stronger bond and attachment between one another. We charge our crystals by the light of the moon and we should do the same with our relationships. Spending allocated time with each other or planning fun activities together is a great way to honour your connection and your relationship. Being grateful every day for your partner and the lessons of your relationship is also important.

Nothing lasts forever, including your spiritual relationship, however what does last forever are the things that your soul takes away from it. Your soul has been sent here for a mission and part of that mission includes learning how to love yourself. The next factor is lifestyle, which means that both people enjoy a similar mode of life, activity level and socialization. The next factor is physical-emotional harmony. There has to be a strong spark of physical chemistry between the two, along with an ability to easily understand and share each other's feelings.

This aspect is of course related to each person's spiritual maturity and interest in truth.

Conscious Love: Online Dating for the Spiritually Minded

In any case, a chronic conflict in communication and hurt feelings indicates that the spiritual, mental and emotional levels are not aligned. Qualities of a Happy Relationship. Don't confuse emotional energy and drama for love and attention. There is an absence of competition or derision. As we merge into Oneness, our wants, needs and desires diminish. Does this also apply to sexuality?

Some say releasing the Kundalini energy is necessary to evolve spiritually. What is the relationship between sexuality and spirituality? Please keep in mind that I can only speak from the heterosexual experience. First of all, to awaken is know that love is our nature, and love is consciousness. The irony is that in the unawakened state, we tend to see sexual intimacy as the ultimate expression of love, but there is often little real love or depth in our approach, except for during the honeymoon phase.

Love is not a getting energy.

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It is a sharing energy. When we bring this consciousness to our intimacy, the meeting in presence is foremost. We no longer focus narrowly on an end goal, anxiously trying to give pleasure to the other or take pleasure for oneself. We don't get lost in the frenetic desire for fast pleasure. One might imagine that such agenda-free stillness and receptivity would lessen the pleasure or excitement. It is something she can trust, and which she also has to be receptive to. That these giant bubbles of self-created reality are completely thought based?

How to Experience Unconditional Love For Yourself & Others

The reason this is pointed out here is that these mental concepts are the obstacle. The assumptions, thoughts, stories, beliefs about you, the other person, the relationship, and reality, in general, are in your way. They are preventing you from truly experiencing deep levels of love that are so close to infinite-awareness-love-bliss.

Both of the people in the relationship are constantly creating stories, beliefs, and assumptions about the other person, themselves and the relationship in their mind, without even considering a change of personality. And over the years this gets more and more.

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You may think you are getting to know the person, but actually, you are conceptualizing the person. Constantly, you are scanning the person, memorizing things like a computer. You think you get to know the person better and better but actually, you are just creating data in our mind. And this is where we got it all wrong. But there is no point in talking, healing and getting to know someone on just a mental level.

Plenty of Spiritual Fish in the Sea

The mind, and therefore thoughts are infinite. Thus, problems are infinite, healing is infinite. All this is mental. If you have a partner who talks with you about your problems all night, who helps you in bad times, ok. But can you see that there is no end to that? That this is all mental and infinite. You will find things to talk about for the rest of your life. You probably find problems for the rest of your life. This does not mean that you should not talk to each other.

But it means that the mental noise, the stories, problems and all of that is just mental noise that is distracting you from experiencing awareness through each other. From gaining a deeper understanding of reality. It prevents you from merging into infinite love.

We are totally aware of how everything feels, how the other person feels. And we are out of our head. We totally feel their energy, their awareness. And this is what feels good. The real goal of a relationship, the real purpose, is to experience awareness together.

The goal of a relationship is not to get to know a person. This getting to know is just a byproduct of spending time together and communicating. But the goal of a relationship is to experience awareness together. To experience deeper levels of truth and of reality through and with the other person.

The relationship itself is the catalyst for higher love and higher levels of awareness.

Spiritual Love: A Conscious Approach To Life Spiritual Love: A Conscious Approach To Life
Spiritual Love: A Conscious Approach To Life Spiritual Love: A Conscious Approach To Life
Spiritual Love: A Conscious Approach To Life Spiritual Love: A Conscious Approach To Life
Spiritual Love: A Conscious Approach To Life Spiritual Love: A Conscious Approach To Life
Spiritual Love: A Conscious Approach To Life Spiritual Love: A Conscious Approach To Life

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