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So do I think Sawyer and Reena should be together? Well because they didn't split up because they wanted to anyways. They still had feelings for each other so there's really no reason why they couldn't work that out to have a complete family with their baby Hannah.

It is not for everyone I get it, but luckily it was for me. I get all those things that happened to Reena and I think that's why I loved it more than I should have. This book was about love, mistakes, and making up for those mistakes. There were a lot of good points on this book that really touched me. The characters all had their own struggles and demons to face. How to love is not only about loving a significant other. It's about loving your parents, your daughter, your friend. And I totally loved that. It reminded me of If I Stay by Gale Forman in some ways because of the different types of love that was shown in this book.

I thought the plot twists were just placed at the right times. This book made me real emotional. Emotional in a way that was good. I liked reading about people owning up to their mistakes and correcting their paths. Reena may have not been in the college of her choice, but at least she is still making something out of her life. And that goes with Sawyer too. That's why he came back. And I think everyone deserves that. View all 5 comments. May 12, Jaime Arkin rated it it was amazing Shelves: I seriously have started and stopped writing this review about 4 times.

I'm sucking it up now and completing it though. Every once in a while I read a book that totally exceeds anything I was expecting… a book that leaves you practically speechless with how incredibly it is written and the story it tells. That is what How To Love was for me. You get the before and after. Before and after what you ask? Well, before and after the whirlwind that is Sawyer LeGrande. Reena has loved Sawyer LeGrande for what seems like ever. She and her best friend Allie have watched and daydreamed about him forever. Sawyer, who is a few years older than them, has never seemed to notice.

So when she loses her best friend over a stupid fight she focuses instead on her dreams. Graduating from high school a year early and getting early admittance to Northwestern are her big focus.

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She has dreams of traveling the world and becoming a travel writer and she knows she will succeed. Then something devastating happens… she loses the friend she never had the chance to make amends with. Almost three years later, Reena has accepted her new life, and while Sawyer disappeared without a word, she finds herself in a new relationship with that of her daughter Hannah. She feels as though her father hates her. Raised in a very Catholic household, the news that she was pregnant was not one of celebration. But Reena has taken each hit and every disappointment in stride, hiding her anger and sadness in order to keep the peace.

To say she has mixed feelings would be an understatement. This girl had me feeling every single damn thing.

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But I think what I loved most about her was that yes, this thing happens but instead of letting it ruin her, she is strong and she is determined and she is in love with this unexpected gift. I loved that even though she was so young, and believe me, she at times acted her age, but when she HAD to grow up And she did it with so much determination.

I mean the way he's portrayed and the things he does. Cotugno writes him in a way that while yes, at times I was angry with him, you also can't help but have a soft spot for him. As the chapters progress and his own story unfolds, I found my opinion of him changing. Things aren't always as they seem on the outside. Shelby is the kind of best friend that every person needs in their lives and I absolutely love that we aren't subjected to the best friend who turns mean girl in this one. She stood by Serena through everything And I loved her for it.

Even Allie was written as a wonderful best friend and I love seeing this in YA. Not every girl has an inner mean girl! The story itself is just beautifully written in my opinion. Cotugno has created these incredibly flawed and realistic characters that you just can't help but fall for. I experienced all the emotions possible while reading this Sometimes I feel that people go into every single book expecting non-stop action and adventure which is fine This is one of those stories that has a gentle telling, a soft sort of true to life calm about it.

It's compelling and beautiful and also a little bit heartbreaking I can't recommend this book enough, it's quickly moved up to all-time favorite status. Thank you to Harpercollins and Edelweiss for the advance copy for review. This review can be found on my blog, Fic Fare: I'm sorry if this comes out as a rant.. You have been warned.. Nothing really happens exactly..

It's just day to day mundane things except at the end there was a bit of drama. There's no hook to keep you reading. I pushed this aside twice and picked it up again just so I can find out if he changes. There are chapters of her going to the mall and shopping and cooking food. It's super mundane and utterly boring. I also don't like the Before and After chapters because it breaks the momentum of whatev I'm sorry if this comes out as a rant.. I also don't like the Before and After chapters because it breaks the momentum of whatever happened. Reena is supposed to be this smart girl but she keeps going back for more.

She keeps putting up with his crap. Not only during the Before, but also with the After. Thought she learned her lesson? And the moment when we find out happens with Allie and Sawyer? Is this supposed to be the reason why he was acting out the entire time? I thought he was already a jerk before that. Then there's the sweet and steady Aaron who wants her. Yet she wants the bad-boy Sawyer. Every time he would smirk I wanted to punch him.

Ughhh I did not like him at all. He's probably one of the worst YA boyfriends I've read about. Did I miss something??? Wasn't this supposed to be some epic love story? I found it to be more like lust!? I didn't find anything remotely interesting or passionate about these two. But again I didn't find any of that. Her best friend Shelby keeps forgiving her for things and she didn't even reach out to her. Talk about no effort. And obviously coming from a strict Catholic family she would have trouble being sixteen and pregnant, but good God she did not handle it well.

Blowing up at her father that way. That's pretty disrespectful to do to your parent. I wished there was more of an emphasis about how terrified she would be of having this baby at her age, and how her faith could help or destroy her. Yet there wasn't any of that.

It was all Sawyer goggles from then on. I'm so sad I didn't like this.. It's always hard to like a book when you dislike the characters.. Maybe someone else will have better luck than I did? View all 6 comments. Jun 18, Rachel Maniacup rated it liked it Recommended to Rachel by: Aj the Ravenous Reader. This is my first book of Katie Catugno ,and I must say that this author is a talented writer because she writes beautifully.. I just didn't like the story line because it didn't much portrayed what the title says and it's the title that captivated me into reading this.

I'm not being judgmental but I guess,I have high hopes and expectations when it comes to contemporary. I thought,the story would flow similarly to "Before We Were Strangers" or something like the "First Comes Love"series-these are This is my first book of Katie Catugno ,and I must say that this author is a talented writer because she writes beautifully..

I thought,the story would flow similarly to "Before We Were Strangers" or something like the "First Comes Love"series-these are stories that show us how to really love someone may that be a friend,family,a career,or a lover,and how they are all blended or connected for better or worse. And though I didn't like this much,I had to admit that I found this a refreshing read,because there were parts that I adored in the story.

One of them is the way Reena , the female MC , handled being a single parent from pregnancy to raising her baby all by herself. The author is absolutely a master of playing reader's emotions,'cause I did cry several times in this book. I'm definitely looking forward to more of Catugno's novels.. Many thanks to my dear little sister,who is always so kind of lending me her books. You may also check her wonderful review on this,which she enjoyed more than I did.

View all 10 comments. Feb 14, Frankie Lovely rated it really liked it Shelves: This book totally cured my slump! Absolutely surprised at how good this one was! I really only have one rant but it's sort of a big one and tbh it's mostly personal preference but it's keeping me from giving this 5 stars. I definitely recommend this book to the contemporary lovers out there!

May 21, Katy rated it really liked it. Okay, so this wasn't the light, cute, fun read I was looking for, but wow, this book was pretty good. What a great story that realistically portrays a situation that happens all-too-often in a way that captures your heart. The reason I liked this story so much was because it wasn't about a girl in a rough or trashy neighborhood that got pregnant by the typical bad boy. Serena and Sawyer are from devout Christian families, and they deal with issues that real teens deal with - whether it's Serena's Okay, so this wasn't the light, cute, fun read I was looking for, but wow, this book was pretty good.

Serena and Sawyer are from devout Christian families, and they deal with issues that real teens deal with - whether it's Serena's studious attempt to graduate a year early so she can leave town or Sawyer finding escape through music and other substances. Maybe Allie's and Leo's situations were a bit too much, but I think they were both necessary, especially the latter, to kind of make the story work. And I really connected with Serena in this book.

Yeah, she was a bit stand-offish at the beginning, but if I were a private person who had a friend like Allie, I would probably be that way too. Don't get me wrong, Serena did come across as a bitch for a good portion of this book. But at the same time, she really does go through a lot, and I can't imagine having to deal with the situations that she's had to face - with Sawyer, with the baby, with her family's change, with moving on.

And she made her fair share of stupid actions, but you can't help who you fall in love with sometimes, and really, I can't see it ending up any other way for her. The romance itself was realistically good. Serena and Sawyer both had their great moments, making them wonderful companions. At the same time, they had their fair share of arguments - over stupid things, over ridiculous things, over legitimate things, real issues that couples deal with all the time.

I wish I got to know Lydia more and why she decide not to be there for Serena, and what Roger's problem was with Sawyer. And Cade was there, but not. I really love Soledad and Shelby although I did feel that fact about her at the end just came from nowhere , and it was heartwarming to see Serena patch things up with Leo. And Aaron - it breaks my heart. Overall, it was refreshing to read something that happens enough but does not get enough attention - but in such a way where you can actually connect with the characters.

Props to Cotugno on her debut. May 06, Giselle rated it liked it Shelves: Don't let my 3 stars sway you against this one. How to Love is a pretty good book for many reasons. First it touches on a subject I personally have not often come across in books - teen pregnancy. I found this was handled realistically and fairly. I also really enjoyed the way it was told in past and present perspectives, allowing us to slowly unravel the messy, emotionally conflicting details of Reena's relationship with the father of her child - Sawyer.

We learn how it started, but most import Don't let my 3 stars sway you against this one. We learn how it started, but most importantly how much it has changed. How much they both have changed. On that note, the reason I did not love this book despite finding it otherwise engaging: Sawyer LeGrande is an ass. Since the story alternates from past to present, we're treated to his "lovely" personality from when he was first with Reena. To be fair he was not in a good place in his life, and he very much changed in the "present" perspective which makes up for it, some. Nevertheless, I had a very hard time forgiving his behavior from the past.

Maybe a tiny bit because of my own somewhat similar messed up teenage relationship, but alas, I blocked myself emotionally from this guy long before we were meant to find him redeemable. Reena, however, I loved. I found her mature beyond her years - likely due to her having to raise a child so young. She's a great mother who owns up to her mistakes; raising a child, getting a job, putting her own dreams on hold to do what needed to be done - no matter how unfair she was being treated by her family.

That, alone, is admirable to me. She's got flaws, she's not great at admitting things to herself for one, and she let Sawyer be a jerk to her for way too long. In the end, we all make stupid decisions, we all refuse to let ourselves see people's real sides sometimes. My teen self just very much related to her in spite of it all. Aside from teen pregnancy, this book tackles drug use, religion, family discordance, betrayal, death - but ultimately, love, romance, and friendship. Since I didn't love Sawyer, the romance fell a bit flat for me. I'm all about second chances, but I think Sawyer had a lot more to make up for, not helped by the fact that Reena gave in to him both in past and present much too easily.

Evidently, all my problems with this book stem from him. Everything else is what drew me in: If I had grown to like Sawyer… I can understand the reasons behind the many 5 stars! For more of my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads Mar 10, Maureen rated it really liked it. Besides a few things, it was great. Sep 01, Sky rated it liked it.

I lo True rating 2. I look at the writing-style, the character development, how the world is built, and most importantly I look at what type of plot-devices the author uses i. So in this review I will show you both the negative and positive aspects of this book, so it can be a fair rating. He was so chill and cool about the whole thing. The author was trying to make her so good and innocent and intelligent, but failed miserably. She may be good at writing essays, but she is as dumb as you can get when it comes to life-changing thoughts. I understand her parents are religious and having a pregnant 16 year-old is the last thing they had in my mind, but that did not excuse her stupid decisions.

I liked the writing-style of this book, it went back and forth from past tense to present tense, I enjoyed seeing the parallels between the times. But a female friendship in YA literature, you take what you can get. Oct 21, Kelly and the Book Boar rated it really liked it Shelves: The perfect escape when you're dealing with your awful family this Thanksgiving weekend: Find all of my reviews at: Little does she know that when dream 2 comes true, it will be Sawyer escaping, leaving Reena left behind to raise his baby. Reena knows getting involved with Sawyer again is the second worst decision she could make the first was getting involved with him at all , but her heart is having a hard time following directions.

Told in alternating chapters of past and present, How to Love is a delightful little guilty pleasure if you want to add some sap to your reading repository. In the middle of a hectic week with some extra blargh in my life making it totally craptastic, this book hit the spot. Bonus - Although the characters are teens, I think this should probably fall under New Adult rather than YA, so have no fear, fellow geezers. On the other hand, if you want lots of sexy-fun-time, this one is truly PG View all 8 comments.

Aug 30, Keertana rated it liked it Shelves: It's no secret that I struggle with romance. I'm just as prone to swooning as any other girl, but perhaps I'm just more picky about who I swoon over. Or maybe it just takes more for a romance to really click for me. Whatever it is, How to Love, failed to impress me. Not only did its love story fall flat, but its tale of redemption didn't tug at any heartstrings whatsoever.

Although I believe that Cotugno's debut novel manages to cover a plethora of topics with poise, its prose lilting and imposs It's no secret that I struggle with romance. Although I believe that Cotugno's debut novel manages to cover a plethora of topics with poise, its prose lilting and impossible to tear away from, my overall feelings towards this novel remain ambiguous. In fact, I sincerely hope to forget all about it How to Love is told in alternating timelines, switching from "Before" to "After" every other chapter.

It chronicles the tale of Sawyer and Reena's young, teenage romance in a small Florida town "before" Reena became pregnant and then, two years "after" when Sawyer finally returns, turning Reena's life upside down once again. It's a fairly typical story line, no denying, but Cotugno's writing is beautiful, flowing from past to present and aligning these dual tales perfectly.

I particularly love the manner in which the details of this couple are slowly revealed, layer by layer. Moreover, it is especially effective in witnessing both the similarities and the differences between teenage Reena and grown-up Reena; teenage Sawyer and grown-up Sawyer. I've found that most novels that tackle this idea tend to either begin in the past before shifting to the present or are merely dispersed with numerous flashbacks.

In contrast, Cotugno's style works best. Where Cotugno truly shines, however, is in her honest portrayal of Reena. As far as protagonists go, Reena is an easy one to root for. Not only is she under the drinking age and straddled with a two-year-old daughter, but her dreams of attending a nonfiction writing program at Northwestern and traveling the world have all been dashed by her careless teenage mistake.

Yet, I appreciate that she took responsibility for her actions and her strength is one to be admired. Moreover, despite the stigma and allegations of her conservative parents and town, Reena manages to work, take care of her daughter, and attend classes at the local community college. When it comes to teenage pregnancy, Cotugno really hit the nail on the head. Although I am quick to judge on this subject, numerous novels over the past year - Beth Kephart's Small Damages most notably - have allowed me to view this subject in a much more different light.

Cotugno is no exception and excels, not only in capturing Reena's tumultuous mindset, but also in highlighting the tense relationships she holds with her parents and friends. Nevertheless, where this novel fell apart for me was in its love interest, Sawyer. As a teenager, Sawyer is a mess: Unfortunately, I never really came to understand why Sawyer was forced to resort to such extremes to cope with his life, which only twisted my view of him.

Furthermore, though, I simply could not see his charm. Sawyer is the godson of Reena's father and, as such, she has grown up seeing him all her life. And, all her life, she's been head-over-heels crazy for him. I have no idea. Granted, Sawyer is handsome and polite, but once his relationship with Reena truly took off, I could only think of one word to describe it: Sawyer convinces Reena to skip classes, blow off her responsibilities, and subtly peer pressures her to mingle with his crowd.

On more than once occasion, Reena is upset after spending time with Sawyer and often uncomfortable at the scenes he takes her too. Still, no matter how discomfiting it was to read about their destructive relationship, it ultimately stands as a realistic portrayal of many teenage relationships. Where How to Love completely lost me, though, was in the "after" relationship between Reena and Sawyer.

Although Sawyer takes off for two years to attend rehab and get his act together, I was unable to fall for the man he had become. It should be made clear that Sawyer was completely unaware of the fact he even had a daughter until he returned home to Florida. When he did learn the truth - that Reena didn't, in fact, go to Northwestern - he immediately steps up and makes an effort to become Hannah's father.

I appreciated this and even understood the persistent sparks between himself and Reena, but the relationship between Reena and Sawyer also persists in its unhealthy aspects. I found it to be almost destructive in its intensity; a little frightening. Sawyer's arrival causes Reena to turn her life around - again - going so far as to break off her relationship with Aaron, the wonderful guy who genuinely wants to be part of her life. I particularly hate this trope, mainly because it causes a completely innocent third party - Aaron - to be hurt for no reason either than the fact that Reena and Sawyer need to be together.

I still have no idea. You see, Sawyer may return to Florida willing to get his act together and become a father to Hannah, but that doesn't mean that he repents in the least or even tries to redeem himself. Instead, his mere presence causes Reena to - slowly - forgive him with time. Although I gradually warmed up to his character during the last fifth of this narrative mostly because Reena yelled at him a lot which I thought he totally deserved , I cannot admit to truly comprehending the inner workings of this couple.

I feel as if Sawyer has a lot to apologize for, both in impregnating Reena even though, let's face it, that's her fault too , but mostly in disappearing from her life, accusing her of leaving him for college, and in dragging Reena into his lifestyle of drugs. While Sawyer's nature may appeal to many, it failed to win me over in the least, and I am left ending this book with a sour taste in my mouth.

I really love the growth arc that Reena goes through, but I ultimately do not like either her or Sawyer. And, that's almost what I like about books the most: I do not have to like these characters. I appreciate their complexity and their lives and I particularly admire the writing style their narration is told in, but I still do not believe that this story has reached its full potential. In my eyes, Sawyer needs to be fleshed out far more than he is. Not only do questions concerning his past need to be answered, but the relationship between himself and Reena isn't convincing enough - for me, at any rate.

I think the inclusion of so much else in this book really worked in its favor, from the impact of teenage and adult friendships to the importance of family on ones own psyche. Furthermore, Cotugno does a true service to an honest portrayal of life as a teenage mom. How to Love certainly does have a lot to love, which is why I would not hesitate to recommend it to fans of contemporary romance, but while I will be looking out for Cotugno's future works - her writing is too good to miss - I won't be seeing this one again any time soon.

You can read this review and more on my blog, Ivy Book Bindings. They are either 1 badasses, 2 become badasses, or 3 Elizabeth Bennett. And don't even get me started on Sawyer. I don't even think I can write a full review at this point. I really did not like this book. I know some people really liked it, but it wasn't for me. I don't know, man. Does hating the main character and nearly everyone in the novel is enough reason to hate the book? What did you love about the novel? The writing was good.

The exploration of a real, raw issue was interesting. I liked Shelby, Aaron, and Soledad. The color of the cover is beautiful. He wanted so bad to be that b So He wanted so bad to be that bad-confident-funny guy but it's just not working for him. He was the other confident guy, the pathetically confident boy. I did not appreciate the way he treated Reena, like he bought her for 5 bucks from the supermarket, like he owns her.

He just came back after nearly three years with no adequate apologies or explanations and shamelessly say "We're gonna do it, Reena. Eventually we're gonna do it. Look, I'm easy for romance, I'm a sure thing, but I still need to know what it is about the hero and heroine that makes them fall irrevocably! Not for a second I felt like he really loved Reena. I didn't go through this novel expecting the main character to always make good decisions or for her to be perfect BUT Reena was handful throughout the whole novel.

You had a baby for god's sake I think that round thing inside your head should have grown up a little bit by now. I bet she has no clue what "self-dignity" means honestly. He just came back after three years, didn't bother to call or anything, and she just throws herself at him. There was no conversation at all about the way he treated her that short and terrible time they were together, definitely nothing about him doing anything real to make her risk being with him again. I can totally re-act Reena: I have a crush on Sawyer. But he doesn't notice me Maybe I should just throw myself at him.

So Sad that Sawyer is gone. Wha- What is he doing? He is set to reprise the role in the sequel to Thor, Thor: He also featured as F. Damian and his wife Helen McCrory below did a two-person show, with readings from The Love Book, at The Cheltenham Literature Festival, to a packed house of fans who laughed, cried and fell a little bit more in love with them both and the brilliance of great verse.

Helen McCrory has acted in several of the most successful film franchises of the last decade, appearing in the enormously popular Harry Potter series as Narcissa Malfoy, and in the James Bond film, Skyfall , directed by Sam Mendes. Gina Bellman is perhaps best known for her role in the award-winning sitcom Coupling — , written by Stephen Moffat, of Doctor Who and Sherlock fame, and her starring role in Blackeyes Most recently, she delivered an award-winning performance as Sophie Devereaux, opposite Timothy Hutton in the TNT television series Leverage — In , she starred alongside James Nesbitt in Jekyll.

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If you are having problems with the audio, please make sure that your phone is not in silent mode people using an iPhone or iPad should ensure that the mute button on the side is not enabled. You should also make sure that the volume on your phone has been turned up. Return to Book Page. Preview — This Love by Dani Atkins. Sophie understands she has a problem, but recognising it and knowing how to fix it are two entirely different things.

One night a serious fire breaks out in the flat below hers. Kindle Edition , pages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about This Love , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Mar 26, Laura rated it it was amazing. More book reviews on www. This Love picks you up and envelopes you into this story, which, thanks to interesting, likeable characters, means you really care about what happens — particularly to protagonist Sophie and her knight in shining armour, Ben. Ben… there are no words for Ben; he is bound to be the new favourite love interest for many people which would not surprise me.

The first half of the story starts with high drama but then calms down a bit and moves much more slowly, before the second half ramps up the tension and emotion again, leaving me a bit of a blubbling wreck at the end! This Love will stay with you long after you finish reading it! The story starts with drama.

How to Love

She managed to save her little cat Fred by letting him go out of the window I really loved that cat, it was my mission the whole time to know that Fred is save , Actual rating: She managed to save her little cat Fred by letting him go out of the window I really loved that cat, it was my mission the whole time to know that Fred is save , but for her it is a bit harder to get out.

He gives her directions what to do to get out of that flat alive. He helps her find her cat Fred, and even because of some circumstances offers her the place to stay. I know stories about ladies who need to be saved are not in fashion anymore, but as I already stated, This Love is done right. At first I really liked Ben. He is that type of character women all over the world dream about. He has a good heart, always knows what to say and is kind, plus he looks really, really hot.

He is way too perfect to be real, and that is where my adoration for him fall back. I wished he had at least one flaw actually, in my had I started plotting a story in which he was really a psychopath with great acting skills. The writing style is really good. Dani Atkins pulls you in with her voice and makes you forget about the rest of the world. I was thinking about the book even when I was not reading. It is written in third person. This Love is a perfect title for this novel because you can feel and see the love in so many shapes through the story.

I enjoyed reading This Love, and I feel like I gained a lot as a reader from this book, but it is my duty to mention that this story also reminded me of two very popular novels: Overall, This Love is a perfect book for romance lovers and for those who want to read a good book about damsel in distress. Read this and more reviews on my blog: Mar 11, Rachel Gilbey rated it it was amazing. Emotionally drained is one way of describing how I feel after reading this simply spectacular book, I have found completely unputdownable from start to finish.

It is a book that begins with high drama and really hooks you into the action and introduces you at the same time to the main characters, Sophie who usually leads a rather reclusive life, for very understandable reasons that you find out as the book progresses to Ben who is instantly cast in the hero role, but whether he is too good to be Emotionally drained is one way of describing how I feel after reading this simply spectacular book, I have found completely unputdownable from start to finish.

It is a book that begins with high drama and really hooks you into the action and introduces you at the same time to the main characters, Sophie who usually leads a rather reclusive life, for very understandable reasons that you find out as the book progresses to Ben who is instantly cast in the hero role, but whether he is too good to be true is to be seen.

There is a great deal of depth to both Sophie and Ben and very little in this book goes particularly smoothly, there always seems to be back story to be revealed, which it is on a need to know basis. In This Love there is so much going on but realistically if I mention any specifics I feel like I would be spoiling your enjoyment of the tension, or the turns that the book takes.

The writing grabs you instantly and just doesn't let you go, even after the book has ended. There were moments that I sat there gasping open mouthed as I didn't expect the story to go in that direction, there were some more light hearted moments too, but on the whole this is a book that you will almost certainly need a box of tissues by your side, if you are even slightly more emotional than I am!

This Love is a story unsurprisingly about love, please note I mean love and not necessarily romance. It deals with the love of a family, love of friendship, as well as falling in love against perhaps your better judgment. It surrounds these themes as well as a lot more into a compelling story It isn't just about Ben and Sophie, their friends play a huge part in the book too, often providing some light relief. Watch out for Carla the hairdresser, an incident involving a rolling pin, and Sophie's best friend's husband Gary putting his foot in his mouth big time.

In a story that is as dramatic as it is emotional, as tender and touching as it is amusing, there is one thing I can say for certain. This Love is a fabulous story, written by an incredibly talented author, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone! My only suggestion would be to make sure you set aside a day to read this, ideally somewhere you won't be interrupted as I can promise you will resent anyone besides Sophie and Ben trying to get your attention!

I don't know if I'm just hard-hearted or what, but this was only an ok read for me.

The Love Book App, poetry read by great actors

It felt as if it was designed just to make me cry, which never works. I don't like it when a story tries to manipulate me into feeling various things. Charlie Sanderson was good on the audiobook, but when I listened at 1. Maybe that's a contributing factor to the response I had. May 22, Karen rated it it was amazing. Another lovely read from Dani Atkins, her style of writing just draws you in, totally enjoyable. Jul 09, Kelly rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

So, I've just finished this book and I cried. What a rollercoaster of emotions, I loved Ben right from the moment he caught Sophie in his arms, he caught so much more than that - he caught her heart. I kinda guessed about her brothers accident - as soon as I made the connection I thought it was because of his limp, I thought the accident had caused it, but I was wrong. It was worse, so much worse If you do read this book, don't read th So, I've just finished this book and I cried.

If you do read this book, don't read the last few chapters while on public transport. Be prepared at home with a box of tissues! Thank you Dani Atkins for such a wonderful read, you shattered my heart into many pieces! Mar 07, Vicki Bowles rated it it was amazing. Oh, but that Dani Atkins knows how to tug at the old heart strings, even of a cynical middle-aged woman like me. She writes about heartbreaking situations with a sensitivity which goes deeper than typical Hollywood saccharine schmaltz.

I start reading each of Dani's books with almost a sense of trepidation; I just know she's going to make me cry, and I'm going to enjoy doing so. The story starts with a dramatic event, introducing the main character, Sophie, right in the midst of the flames. The way Dani describes Sophie's fear is very real, and I found myself holding my breath several times. I was drawn right into Sophie's story, feeling every bit of her grief and reluctance to let anyone get close to her. Dani's characters are great.

Ben, Sophie's random rescuer, is an angel figuratively - not literally! He is the perfect leading man; gentle, kind, and perfect for helping Sophie find salvation. The supporting cast is, as usual, excellent. We meet some beautifully written characters, who make us laugh and smile in equal measure, with their own back stories. There is so much more to this story, but I don't want to spoil it for other readers. Just be prepared to be wrong-footed at every turn and to have your emotions toyed with by this fabulously tormenting author in her latest moving novel.

Never stop making me cry, Dani - you know I love it! Apr 06, Emma Gallis rated it it was amazing. Yet again what an incredible story! Just as you think another one of Dani's books can't live up to the other ones which you should definitely get reading if you haven't she blows you away again! What a beautiful story and the way she writes is brilliant! What I'd describe as an in depth chic lit..

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You really do bond with the characters! Just gutted I read it so fast and I have to wait for the next book! She really has a way with words and is definitely up there as my fav Yet again what an incredible story! She really has a way with words and is definitely up there as my favourite author!

Dec 05, Kathleen rated it really liked it. Weer een mooi boek van Dani Atkins. Het is dramatisch en misschien een beetje voorspelbaar, dat wel, maar het was met momenten hartverwarmend en tegelijk breekt het dat hart dat net zo warm werd door dit verhaal in twintigduizend stukjes. Af en toe had ik een beetje problemen met het hoofdpersonage get a grip, meid! Het is zeker geen hoogstaande literatuur, maar het is ook niet een chicklit zoals je er dertien in een dozijn vindt.

Dat Weer een mooi boek van Dani Atkins. Mar 31, Valerie rated it liked it. This one felt really tedious to read. It could have been much shorter. Aug 26, Tania rated it it was amazing. I was riveted, devoured it over two days and ended up absolutely sobbing my heart out as much as Sophie seems to do.

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The Love Book The Love Book
The Love Book The Love Book
The Love Book The Love Book
The Love Book The Love Book
The Love Book The Love Book
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