10 Most Powerful Ways to Raise A Super Kid

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Step 1: Get Happy Yourself

Yet in this world Spider-Man was forced to give up his superhero identity once he lost his leg in battle with the Green Goblin. Taking on the moniker of Spider-Girl, she was, and continues to remain, a mighty force to be reckoned with. Her son Wiccan on the other hand; even less so. Billy Kaplan is a member of the Young Avengers team and boasts incredible power.

In fact, the risk of his abilities going out of control is so feared; the Avengers are constantly keeping an eye on him.

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Even his present-day self can do everything his mother can and more. The son of Charles Xavier, the leader of the X-Men, Legion might very well be the most dangerous telepath on the planet. While he might possess abilities transcending anything Xavier was ever capable of, David Haller suffers from a severe case of multiple personality disorder. This is important, because every different personality has its own unique power-set.

Some personalities are stronger than others, some are more evil and some are nicer. Alas, Legion is rarely in full control of his powers and his wide range of abilities include generating fire, time travel, warping reality and pretty much doing anything the writer or story requires of him. The Master Race , is the child of two superheroes. The daughter of Wonder Woman and Superman, Lara has the powers of both her father and mother, making her potentially the mightiest force on Earth.

Throughout the series, we see Lara has none of the compassion either of her parents do, especially towards the human race, and sees them as little more than gnats. Fighting Wonder Woman on one occasion, Lara is beaten, but really only because Wonder Woman has more fighting experience. Eventually, towards the end of the story, Lara decides to let her father teach her what it means to be human and compassionate towards others.


How To Raise Happy Kids – 10 Steps Backed By Science

The teenaged son to the Superman-esque hero Omni-Man, Mark and his father stem from the extraterrestrial race known as Viltrumites. Constantly facing seemingly impossible odds and fights, yet surviving by the skin of his teeth. When Manchester Black temporarily mind-controlled Jon, he unlocked his latent fury, which resulted in Superman barely staying alive. Yet for whatever reason, probably on account of various mental blocks, Jon can only access small portions of his Kryptonian abilities. What better teacher than Superman, who lets Jon hang out with Damian Wayne, Robin, in hopes the two will rub off on one another and Jon will get further instruction on being a superhero with someone his own age.

Step 2: Teach Them To Build Relationships

Without question the strongest mutant of all time, Franklin Richards is the youngest child to Reed and Sue Richards of the Fantastic Four. There is almost nothing he cannot do. Unrivaled in any capacity, creating universes with the flick of a finger, Franklin Richards towers above nearly every other comic book superhero. Are there any other super kids we missed on our list? Let us know in the comments section!

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Start Living Quickly; Give Mom Space

Take your baby out to breakfast with you, take them on trips, shopping, on airplanes, and just about everywhere you used to go before the baby arrived okay, don't take the baby to raves -- but you get the idea. Once you realize that you're out there, doing regular things with the little one going along just fine, you'll realize that although some things are certainly different now, you can still do most of the things you used to do.

When you start doing regular things, it will take a lot of stress off you both, and give you time to feel like a couple again, not two people tied to the house 24 hours a day, which can be incredibly stressful in and of itself. Give the mommy some time for herself. Look, I'd be lying if I told you that in an infant's life, the dad is as important as the mom. When it comes to caring for an infant, and instinctively knowing what to do with a newborn baby , women have the market cornered, and being a mommy is a much harder job than being a daddy. That's why it's so important that you give the mommy as many breaks as you can.

She needs time for herself, but she's so wrapped up in being a mom, she probably won't stop long enough to care for herself. The best thing you can do is make her take breaks. Watch the baby for a while as she naps, then have your wife go visit her girlfriend, or if her mom lives nearby, have her take some time and visit her. Even if she just wants to go to the mall, or see a movie with her friends, you've got to make time for her to do this.

She needs it more than even she knows and it gives you some wonderful time with your newborn. An important part of being a great dad is being a great husband, and a great husband makes sure his wife doesn't get burned out being a mommy 24 hours a day. Get up with Mom for late-night feedings. I gotta tell ya, this is a tough one, but you'll be glad you did it when it's over, not during. When it comes to dining, newborn babies think they're on a cruise ship, and at midnight and 2 a. When our little guy started crying for food at two in the morning, my wife had to get up because she was breastfeeding, but I got up right along with her.

I sat there and kept her company, we shared stories about our day, marveled at how cute our baby was, etc.

10 Ways To Be a Great Dad

I have to say, I really enjoyed the burping because even though my wife could surely have burped him herself, this way I was at least helping in the process and that felt good. Plus, I was getting to hold my little buddy and the burping helped him too.

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It sounds corny, but these late-night feedings were really a time of great closeness for my wife and me as we sat there in the dim light, fighting to stay awake through the feeding, and we both look back on it with great fondness, even though it was incredibly tiring. I remember one night -- it was like four in the morning -- and we were up trying to change our son's diaper, and he was just screaming at the top of his mini-lungs and kicking his little hands and feet.

He was beet red and just as pissed as he could be. I held this screaming little baby out away from my body so my eardrums didn't explode, and I looked over at my wife, and we were both so exhausted that we simultaneously burst into hysterical laughter. He didn't find it funny, but he paused long enough for us to change his diaper.

We kept giggling for 20 minutes until we put him down in his crib , and then we literally fell into bed. Was it hard getting up numerous times a night? Would I have wanted to do it alone, all by myself? I don't imagine my wife would want to either, and that's why I was there. Be a great dad, and be there with her for all the feedings. I promise you, it'll kick your butt some nights, but you'll survive, and you'll look back with fond memories. Hey, I said having a kid was wonderful. I didn't say it was easy. Be affectionate with your baby, especially as they get older. Kids need love, but they don't understand the word "love" on any level.

You might as well use the term "phalanges" with them because, to an infant, it means the same thing -- nothing. So holding your baby and telling her, "Daddy loves you," is pretty much meaningless.

How To Raise Happy Kids - 10 Steps Backed By Science - Barking Up The Wrong Tree

But you know what kids do understand -- a loving touch. Hugging them, snuggling them, and kissing them makes them feel loved.

It's a basic way humans communicate love, but some fathers feel awkward showing love in this way. A kid needs to feel loved, always, and you have within your power a guaranteed way to make them know they're loved. A kid that knows they're loved is a happy kid -- the kind of kid that runs and jumps into your arms when they see you. You will never, never regret being affectionate with your child, because you will be able to send a "you're loved" message right to your kid's heart anytime with just a simple peck on the forehead, a quick hug before school, or even just tousling their hair as they walk by.

A dad's loving touch is amazingly powerful; it sends a message to your child that words can't always convey. By the way, high-fiving doesn't count.

Don't Worry

It's a celebration -- not a sign of affection. Treat your kid the way you wanted to be treated when you were a kid. Take a look back on how you were raised. Look back at how your dad showed, or didn't show, his love for you. How he disciplined you, encouraged you, criticized you, and molded you. If you had a great dad, now's your chance to take everything he showed you and put it to good use. If you didn't have a great dad, this is your chance, your golden opportunity to make up for every fatherly injustice he did to you by being to your child a much better and more sensitive, involved, loving dad than he was to you.

The Smartest Kids in the Universe

This is your chance to show your dad, and the world, "This is what being a good dad looks like. Don't ever abuse your kid. The same goes for your wife. There is never, ever a reason to hit a woman or abuse a child. It is the height of cowardice and a disgrace to fathers everywhere to hurt any woman or child.

It is impossible to be a great dad if you hurt your child or your child's mommy even once. It dishonors you, your entire life, and everything you've worked this hard to achieve. Pass this on to your kids. Besides hitting, never be verbally cruel to your child. Never call him stupid, an idiot, or any name that makes him think he's less than the special child he is.

Make it your goal to give your kid so much love and praise that it gives him a high-self-esteem problem.

10 Most Powerful Ways to Raise A Super Kid 10 Most Powerful Ways to Raise A Super Kid
10 Most Powerful Ways to Raise A Super Kid 10 Most Powerful Ways to Raise A Super Kid
10 Most Powerful Ways to Raise A Super Kid 10 Most Powerful Ways to Raise A Super Kid
10 Most Powerful Ways to Raise A Super Kid 10 Most Powerful Ways to Raise A Super Kid
10 Most Powerful Ways to Raise A Super Kid 10 Most Powerful Ways to Raise A Super Kid

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