Amore stregato (Italian Edition)

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Una festa per Alberto Bevilacqua e Vittorio Sgarbi

Scusatemi Se da sol mi presento. Io sono il Prologo. Degli spasimi e dei nostri martir Non allarmatevi! Ed al vero ispiravasi. Will you allow me? Excuse me if I appear thus alone. I am the Prologue. Since our author is reviving on our stage the masks of ancient comedy, he wishes to restore for you, in part, the old stage customs, and once more he sends me to you.

Our author has endeavoured, rather, to paint for you a slice of life, his only maxim being that the artist is a man, and he must write for men. Truth is his inspiration. Deep-embedded memories stirred one day within his heart, and with real tears he wrote, and marked the time with sighs! Now, then, you will see men love as in real life they love, and you will see true hatred and its bitter fruit. And you will hear Urli di rabbia, udrete, e risa ciniche!

Il concetto vi dissi. This, then, is our design. Now give heed to its unfolding. Attirati dal suono i contadini di ambo i sessi in abito da festa accorrono, mentre Tonio, annoiato dalla folla che arriva, si sdraia dinanzi al teatro. Tutti lo seguono, grandi e ragazzi E ognun applaude ai motti, ai lazzi. The blare of trumpet out of tune and the beating of a big drum announce the coming of the players, amid shouts, laughter and the whistling of urchins. A throng of villagers, men and women in holiday dress, come running to the scene.

Tonio, annoyed by the swelling crowd, stretches out in front of the theatre. All follow him, young and old, and all applaud his quips and clowning. And he bows gravely as he passes, E torna a battere sulla gran cassa. Arriva una pittoresca carretta dipinta a varii colori e tirata da un asino che Beppe, in abito da Arlecchino guida a mano. Tu i guai discacci Col lieto umor. Whip your donkey, good Harlequin! Now the urchins shout and throw their caps in the air! Up they go, with shouts and whistles Here come the cart!

Good God, what pandemonium! Enter Beppe, dressed as Harlequin. He leads a donkey which is drawing a brightly painted, multi-coloured cart. Nedda is reclining in the front of the cart while Canio, in the costume of Pagliaccio, is standing in the back. Canio is beating the big drum.


Hurrah for the Prince of Clowns! All cares take flight before his merriment. CORO E lo spettacolo? Con lui si dee cedere, Tacere ed ascoltar.

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Vedrete le smanie Del bravo Pagliaccio; E come ei si vendica E tende un bel laccio. Venite, onorateci Signori e Signore. With him we have no choice but to yield and listen. You will see the madness of the good Pagliaccio, and how with a well-laid trap he gains his vengeance. Come and honour us, ladies and gentlemen. Tonio steps forward to help Nedda down from the cart, but Canio, who has already leapt down, gives him a cuff, saying: BOYS whistling With our compliments!

Ed il pubblico applaude, ridendo allegramente. But if I surprised Nedda in real life - as sure as I am speaking to you - the story would have a different ending.

Anna Netrebko - E allor perché, di', tu m'hai stregato lyrics + Turkish translation

Scusatemi, Adoro la mia sposa! Si ode un suono di cornamusa. Le campane suonano a vespero. La campana Ci appella al Signore. Forgive me, I adore my wife! MEN They are on their way to church. The church-bells sound vespers. The bell calls us to the Lord. It is vespers calling, girls and lads, let us join in pairs and hasten now to church. Yonder the sun kisses Din, don, vuol baciar. Le mamme ci adocchiano, Attenti, compar.

Ma i vecchi sorvegliano Gli arditi amador. Look out, companions, our mothers watch us. The world is gleaming with light and love. But our elders keep watch over bold lovers! During the chorus, Canio has gone behind the theatre to take off his Pagliaccio costume. He returns, nods a smiling farewell to Nedda and leaves with Beppe and five or six villagers. Son questi sogni paurosi e fole!

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I lowered my eyes for fear that he read my secret thoughts. Oh, if he ever caught me, brute that he is! But enough of that. These are mere fearful dreams and folly. Oh, beautiful midsummer sun! And I, bursting with life, languid with desire, and yet not knowing what it is I long for! She looks up at the sky. Oh, what a flight of birds, what clamour! What do they seek? Where do they go? My mother, who foretold the future, understood their song and even so she sang to me as a child.

How wildly they shout up there, launched on their flight like arrows! Disfidano le nubi e il sol cocente, E vanno, e vanno per le vie del ciel. Credea che te ne fossi andato. Affascinato io mi beava! They defy storm-clouds and burning sun, as they fly on and on through the heaven. Light-thirsty ones, avid for air and splendour, let them pursue their journey; they, too, follow a dream and a chimera, journeying on and on through clouds of gold.

Let winds buffet and storms toss them, they challenge all with open wings; neither rain nor lightning daunts them, neither sea nor chasms, as they fly on and on. Vagabonds of the sky, who obey only the secret force that drives them on and on. Tonio enters during the song and listens enchanted.

Nedda sees him as she finishes. Oh, lasciami, lasciami or dirti But even so, I too dream dreams; I too know in my heart the pulsing of desire. When you pass coldly by me, in disdain, you do not know what anguish grips me For I have felt the sorcery, alas, and I am vanquished in your spell. Oh, let me speak and tell you You will have time to tell me that tonight, if you so wish, while you perform your tricks there on the stage. Tell me, Master Tonio! Have you an itching back, or must I pull your ears to cool your ardour?

Per la croce di Dio, bada che puoi Pagarla cara! Vuoi Che vada a chiamar Canio? Shall I call Canio? He goes out, growling threats. Ti sei svelato ormai! Entra Silvio che chiama a bassa voce. Canio e Beppe da lunge alla taverna Ho scorto! Ma prudente Per la macchia a me nota qui ne venni. Or qui mel disse, e nel bestiale Delirio suo, baci chiedendo, Ardiva correr su me. Now that you have shown what you are! Your soul is like your body, filthy and deformed! Enter Silvio, who calls softly. How rash at this hour!

I knew I was risking nothing. I saw both Canio and Beppe far off at the tavern, and I came here cautiously through woods I know. He loves me - so he told me now - and in his bestial passion dared assault me, yelling for kisses. Tu il sai, la festa ha fin E parte ognun domani.

Fuggi, fuggi, con me. Vuoi tu perder la mia vita? Io mi confido a te cui diedi il cor.

E allor perché, di', tu m'hai stregato

Non abusar di me, del mio febbrile amor! Oh, Nedda, Nedda, resolve my fate, stay with me, Nedda, stay! You know the holiday is ending and everyone will leave tomorrow. What will become of me and of my life when you have gone away? If it is true that you have never loved Canio, if, as you say, you loathe this wandering life and trade, and if your great love for me is not a myth, come, let us flee tonight!

Come, flee with me! I put my trust in you, who have my heart Do not abuse my ardent passion! Do not tempt me! Take pity on me!

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And then who knows? Fate is against us, our words are in vain! Yet from my heart I cannot tear you. I shall live only on the love which you awakened in my heart! Vuoi tu perder la vita mia? Nedda, let us flee! Would you ruin my life? You love me no longer! Why, if you must leave me without pity, why then, sorceress, have you ensnared me?

Why then, that kiss of yours in the abandon of your close embrace? If you forget those fleeting hours, I cannot do so: I desire still that warm abandon and that flaming kiss that kindled such a fire in my blood! A te mi dono; su me solo impera. Mentre Nedda e Silvio si avviano verso il muricciolo, arrivano furtivamente Canio e Tonio.

I have been stirred and shaken by your burning love. All I wish is to share a life of love with you, bound to you ever in a sweet enchantment. To you I give myself and you I take; you alone rule me: I am wholly yours. Kiss me, kiss me! Let us forget everything!

Translation of "amabile amore" in English

Canio and Tonio come furtively in as Nedda and Silvio are approaching the wall. Cauta discendi e mi ritroverai. Silvio scavalca il muricciolo. Bravo il mio Tonio! Come cautiously and you will find me. Silvio vaults over the wall. Canio also scales the wall in pursuit of Silvio. Canio ritorna, asciugandosi il sudore. Ei ben lo conosce quel sentier. Canio returns, wiping his brow. He knows that path well. I was interested in this book, and I'm about a third of the way through - not sure I'm going to bother finishing.

I've thought a bit about why this book isn't working for me. It's not the dialogue, the plot, the fact that I've read it before - it's just that I can't put myself into this story. I think a big part of the appeal of the Twilight series was a self-professed "ordinary" girl getting the gorgeous, unattainable guy who was totally into her and her alone - and having another gorgeous werewolf also in love with her. Since the readership of Twilight was predominantly female, the average reader was able to project herself onto the more or less blank canvas of Bella and put herself into the story as the ordinary girl who gets the extraordinary guy.

Rob Pattinson and Taylor Lautner being cast as the two male leads didn't hurt, either. Now we have a gorgeous female vampire in love with a totally ordinary guy and Who needs more descriptions of gorgeous, perfect women?


You can open up any fashion magazine or Hollywood tabloid and read about them. There is no way for the average Twilight reader to put herself into this story - especially since "Beau" is a totally unappealing character and "Edythe" is just making me picture Rob Pattinson in drag. I don't know why I'm so annoyed by this book - hey, we're not talking about a literary work like "Pride and Prejudice" here, but for the love of all that is holy as Meyer herself likes to say , could we just have "Midnight Sun" finished before we are all too old to care about this series anymore?

Midnight Sun which is something fans would actually really like to read. Ok, I had to go buy it. I haven't gotten very far with it. As someone who has read Twilight probably times don't judge me , it was very VERY odd to read the exact same words, but with strange new names. She couldn't have come up with a better name that started with a B than Beaufort? I was really thrown off by reading that Charlie bought the truck from Bonnie Black.

Then they introduced all of the Cullens with swapped genders. My head started to hurt trying to match everyone up with who they should be, and I put it down. I hope I'll be able to try again. I loved the Twilight books when they came out, so I was interested in this book. Now I'm just not sure I can handle the swap.

It would be easier if it wasn't written almost verbatim from Twilight. It feels like she did the quick and easy way out, editing the already-written Twilight just to make a quick buck. Dear Stephenie, I think you would have pleased your fans more by finishing Midnight Sun. This just feels cheap and quick. I thought, for sure, I'd love this book as much as I had the rest of the Twilight series.

At first, I had difficulty adjusting to the gender-reversed characters. Finally, I reached a point where everyone became their own unique person, but about half way through the book I was still struggling to connect with the characters so I gave up before I finished reading it.

Perhaps I should have kept going? I devoured all the other books in the series, including The Short Life of Bree Tanner, and was hoping I'd feel the same enthusiasm with this title. I just couldn't make it happen, despite my strong desire to do so. I'm hoping Stephenie will write more books for this series. If she does, I will buy them in a heartbeat assuming she stays true to the original characters for whom I have such a fondness.

Amore stregato (Italian Edition) Amore stregato (Italian Edition)
Amore stregato (Italian Edition) Amore stregato (Italian Edition)
Amore stregato (Italian Edition) Amore stregato (Italian Edition)
Amore stregato (Italian Edition) Amore stregato (Italian Edition)
Amore stregato (Italian Edition) Amore stregato (Italian Edition)
Amore stregato (Italian Edition) Amore stregato (Italian Edition)
Amore stregato (Italian Edition) Amore stregato (Italian Edition)
Amore stregato (Italian Edition) Amore stregato (Italian Edition)
Amore stregato (Italian Edition)

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