Magic Spells To-Go: How to create portable spell bags and miniature temples

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Envision crackling flames and the noonday sun. Turn to the west. Envision flowing water in waves and waterfalls and streams, possibly moving around your body. Turn to the north. Conjure up the scent of the earth after it rains. Imagine the silence and darkness of a cave and the rooted feeling of being barefoot on the earth. Still facing north, become aware of your feet and send a column or roots of light deep into the core of the Earth. Bring golden white light up from the center of the earth and into your body.

Bring golden white light down from the Cosmos and down into your body. Feel protected and contained on all sides, as well as from above and below.

Travel Altars for Magick on the Go! | The Raven and The Lotus

The circle is cast. The love of the Goddess is forever in my heart. Merry meet, and merry part, and merry meet again. Feel, sense, and imagine the energy you raised being released into the ether. Trust that it will do its work, and know in your heart that your magic is complete. Is there a spesial reason why you start in the west to close The magickal circle instead of the east? If so, why do you do this? I personally like to end in the North both times, which is why I open the circle starting East and close it starting West.

Also, East is about beginnings and West is about endings. Hope this sheds some light! This shed a lot of light. I am preparing a forgive and forget spell to help me move past some people who still cause me mental anguish. Would it be inappropriate to start in the west for this spell? My thoughts were this would help end this chapter in my life, and closing in the east to represent my new beginning.

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I personally like to call Air East first for all spells and rituals regardless of intention, and then move on to Fire South , Water West , and Earth North. You state that west is air and east is water. The same for west you call for water. What way round should it be? Hey thanks for pointing that out! Years ago, I followed directions from a book. I cast a circle, that I considered to be magical. I had a really good experience. Do I need to expect or visualize something special? This post might also help: Whatever feels powerful for the purpose will work.

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!!.. I thought that before you called the elements that you actually used salt to form the circle. You certainly can create the circle with salt if you want — especially if you want extra protection. So helpful thank you. Makes it a little less stressful for a new comer. Do you have a news letter available? Geri, so glad it was helpful! Yes, I have a newsletter. Thank you for asking!

Tomorrow, however, I will be casting my first circle and performing a simple spell. Thus I was led to your site. Thank you for the effective and simple ways to cast a circle. It was a bit confusing until I read your words. So glad the post was helpful, Phoenix! Brightest full moon blessings and every best wish on casting your first circle. Did you see my Magic for Absolute Beginners video series? You can sign up for it here: Sending love to you both. When I do simple spells I often just center myself and tune into the divine first and leave it at that.

And when I work with my coven, we pretty much always begin by casting a circle. Say, i am just starting to learn magic. This is a visualization that connects you with the power at the center of the earth and in the cosmos. Thank you for explaining this so clearly and pointing out that it can be simple. I like your explanation of casting a circle. I have a question for you. If I have a sigil or seal for a specific spirit that I want to conjure… am I supposed to hold the sigil or seal while sitting in the circle? Or place the sigil or seal outside the circle?

I hope to hear from you. Sivan, thanks for reading! I am not an expert in conjuring spirits in such a way. I suggest contacting a ceremonial magician or hoodoo practitioner for an answer to this question. Ok, thank you for your response. Do you own any grimoires? What do usually try to accomplish in your practices? The important thing to remember is that spells conjure intent, and often over time that intent weakens or is forgotten.

In a year's time you may no longer need what you originally cast your spell to bring you, or you may have forgotten your motivation. Refreshing a spell will remind you of your purpose and allow you to reevaluate what is important to you in your life at that time. A spell to-go is a simple thing. It is a container full of hope and purpose. What yours looks like will depend upon your tastes and what is available to you. Don't fret about making your container look fancy or elaborate — unless that is what you prefer.

In the end, an effective spell is one with which you feel comfortable, one with which you connect. A container made of brown paper sacking is as powerful to its user as one made of velvet and decorated with pearls, as long as its maker believes in the power of what he or she has created. You may use an already sewn bag, such as those which sometimes come with sunglasses or jewelry, or you may make your bag from scratch.

If you make your own bag, select a fabric which feels 'right' to you. Touch several options, whether they be cotton, leather, silk, flannel, felt, etc. While touching them, close your eyes and concentrate on the purpose of your bag. One of them will feel 'right' to you.

Regardless of what it looks like, use that fabric for that bag. You may opt not to use a bag at all and substitute a different container to hold your spell.

A Magical Resource with a Transcendental Vibe

This is particular effective for miniature temples. You can make your own personal, portable temple reminiscent of those used in other cultures:. Nepalese Buddhists carry with them personal temples made of tin, called gaus. They are strung on a belt or rope and carried across the shoulder. A gau typically contains a small statue of a god, a folded prayer flag and other items of spiritual or personal meaning.

You can emulate these gaus by using small mint or candy tins which can be carried in a purse or affixed to a ribbon or string for hanging. Altars can be made portable by fitting them inside candy boxes or even matchboxes. An image of the Blessed Virgin Mary often is the focus of the box, but skeletal images, typically skulls, are also popular, along with a favorite rosary and candy offerings.

Omamori are charm sachets used by Japanese Shintos and Buddhists that are hung around the house, vehicle or carried in a purse. Omamori are easily replicated by emptying and cleaning small potpourri sachets and then gluing or sewing a ribbon to the tops for easy hanging. Native American medicine bags may hold special herbs for burning during trances or vision quests, stone fetishes, and animal bones. Use real or fake animal skin or fur to make your bag and tie it with leather cord.

Feathers, glass beads, wood carvings and gemstones are possible decorations.

The Raven and The Lotus

Don't be limited by what is already in use by a religion or organization. Use your imagination as you look around your home for containers which can be repurposed. Small tea tins, pill bottles and makeup containers hold potential. Repaint the containers or decoupage them with fabrics, photos, dried flowers, leaves or other material that feel 'right' to you. Add bells, mirrors, small charms or beads if you like. If you follow a religion, attach miniature statues of your deities.

Again, the important thing is to form a connection with your container, which may mean adding to or subtracting from its appearance. If you are making a container from scratch or are painting or otherwise decorating it, you should take color into consideration. Colors can greatly enhance the power of your spell. Use the following as a guide for choosing the colors for your spell containers:.

Think about all of the areas where color can be used, such as the interior, back and accenting decorations. Combine colors, such as using different colored ribbons, to achieve multiple, complementary effects. Below are some items which are often included in Mojo Bags and personal altars, along with generally assumed meanings for them.

Meanings are subject to interpretation, usage and availability. Don't feel constrained by them. Use the meanings only as a guide to gathering the objects for your spells. As always, if an object feels 'right', use it. Conversely, discard anything that you don't connect with, even if it is traditionally used. Old magic is revered because it has shown consistent results, but new magic can be fresh and powerful. Most important of all is that your spell feels good to you. Stones are typically used for focusing energy and power so the user can apply it to achieve an effect.

For a spell to-go, stones can consolidate the energies of the magical items in the container, bringing everything together into a cohesive, more powerful whole. Stones can also be used to draw and focus the energy of the user into the container. By holding a stone and concentrating intently on it, mentally and psychically infusing your will into the stone, you can then include a part of you in your spell. Stones can also be useful because of their attractiveness. A pretty stone adorning a spell box or affixed atop a satchet draws your eye and encourages you to think about the motivation for your spell on a regular basis, thereby maintaining its energy.

Ideally, use stones which are smooth and polished to prevent damage to the other items in your spell container and because such stones feel good to the touch.

How to Cast a Magical Circle in 6 Simple Steps

Kid-friendly rock tumblers are good for smoothing out found rocks. If you can't smooth out your stones, don't despair. A rough rock with emotional or spiritual significance is far more powerful than a polished but generic one. Here are some popular stones along with typical meanings. Don't hold these meanings as hard and fast rules. Included in this section are herbs, fruit and other natural products that have been credited by others with healing or magical powers. No claims are made as to the legitimacy of these meanings. They are listed here as a reference.

Don't be intimidated by these items. You can be creative in which forms you use. For instance if a recipe calls for sesame, think about using not only the seeds but candy made of sesame or even sesame paste. Dried fruit are good substitutes for fresh, and in a pinch the seeds will do. Flowers can be dried or fresh, whole or powdered unless specified. Consider substituting essential oils in place of some flowers and herbs if they fit better into the constraints of your spell container. Pay attention to the condition of items and discard those that are old, moldy or simply smell off or unpleasant to you.

You may end up keeping your spell to-go for several months, so dried or preserved items may be better choices over fresh. Love and Lust Attraction: John's Wort, Sandalwood, Thistle.

John's Wort, Star Anise, Vanilla. African violet, Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood. There are factors to consider when casting your spell to-go besides what you will put inside it. Magic often is tied deeply to nature and may therefore be affected by nature. Keep the following factors in mind when making your spell container:. Disregarding weather magic, the condition of the weather while you cast your spell can affect its potency. A thunder or lightning storm charges the air with explosive energy.

Will that energy interfere with your spell for peace by distracting you? Conversely, a gloomy, rainy day that makes you depressed may affect a spell you cast for happiness, either weakening it or making it stronger due to the strength of your desire for sunshine and light. Spell casting can be affected by your mood which in turn is affected by the weather. Keep it in mind while you work. Direction may play a part in your spell casting if you use direction to invoke spirits or summon elements commonly associated with those directions.

Directions can represent the elements, such as earth for north, fire for south, water for west and air for east.

In Feng Shui you can find your best and worst directions according to your birth year. Your best direction should be used for spells seeking wealth, happiness, family harmony and wisdom. You should avoid your worst direction during spell creation. You may want to pay attention to which direction you're facing while you are creating your bags and adjust accordingly to gain extra power for your spell.

Similarly, where you are located may also have an impact on your spell, e. Certain times of the year are traditionally felt to be more powerful for spell casting. Study magic calendars to learn about these times. For instance, the solstices are popular for magic making, as well as a day like Samhain. In Asian cultures, certain days of the week or month are more auspicious than others and should be taken into account. The moon, as the largest and nearest astrological body to us, can play an important part in the energy of your spell. Positive spells, such as those seeking to attract good fortune, prosperity, love or health should be cast while the moon is in its waxing phase.

When the moon is waning, spells for 'negative' energies are more appropriate. The time of the new moon is a good time for creating spells that involve new adventures and new beginnings, such as relationships or jobs. The moon is at its most powerful state of influence when it is full. This is a good time to cast spells that enhance psychic or spiritual desires, invoke dreams or spirit walks, or which require strong magic, such as spells to overcome hardships and misfortune.

When the moon is waning or new it is the appropriate time for casting spells to banish negative energies. Gather the items which you plan to insert into your spell bag or container. While all spells call for specific items in their recipes, most also require you to include a personal item or two which is subject to your personality and whim. Such items could be a lock of hair, a photograph, a napkin from a special occasion, a spritz of a favorite perfume and so on. What is common to all these items is that they hold great personal weight. When making a spell to-go you should try to use personal effects or items which arouse emotion.

The magic in a spell comes from the transference of your energy, spirit and will. A bag full of pretty but meaningless tokens won't have half the power of a spell bag containing items infused with strong emotional meaning for you. The bag 'lives' only if you fill it with your passion. Once gathered, study or hold your items and get a feel for them. Sometimes an item will feel discordant, that is, it doesn't seem to fit with the other items in your container physically or psychically.

Sometimes you've added an item that you simply don't like. Because spells require strong binding magic, any item that detracts from that unity will weaken or destroy the spell. Remove anything that bothers you or doesn't contribute to the feeling you are attempting to cast with your spell.

Green may attract wealth, but if the shade you've used for your container is one you dislike, you subconsciously won't infuse as much purpose and energy into your spell, therefore using the spell to-go will be pointless. The spell hinges on you. Pay attention to how you feel. Also make sure you are using emotion-specific items. If you are casting a spell for love attraction, avoid including an item that brings to mind someone other than the person whom you are attempting to lure. If prosperity or good fortune is your goal, don't include an object which reminds you of a favorite dress if what you desire is to win the lottery.

However if you were wearing that dress when you won a sweepstakes one day, the association is appropriate. Just make sure you are mindful of each and every item's role in your spell to-go. Spell recipes are included in this book, however you may wish to consider creating your own spells by following your instincts and studying the meanings of typical items used in the creation of magic.

Often it's not an exact recipe that matters.

Magic Spells To-Go: How to create portable spell bags and miniature temples Magic Spells To-Go: How to create portable spell bags and miniature temples
Magic Spells To-Go: How to create portable spell bags and miniature temples Magic Spells To-Go: How to create portable spell bags and miniature temples
Magic Spells To-Go: How to create portable spell bags and miniature temples Magic Spells To-Go: How to create portable spell bags and miniature temples
Magic Spells To-Go: How to create portable spell bags and miniature temples Magic Spells To-Go: How to create portable spell bags and miniature temples
Magic Spells To-Go: How to create portable spell bags and miniature temples Magic Spells To-Go: How to create portable spell bags and miniature temples

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