Philosophie de la chirurgie esthétique: Une chirurgie nommée DÉSIRS (OJ.SC.HUMAINES) (French Edition)

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The Interroll Group is the leading global provider of material handling solutions. Interroll provides system integrators and OEMs with a wide range of platform-based products and services in these categories: Interroll solutions are used in express and postal services, e-commerce, airports, the food and beverage industry, fashion, and automotive sectors, and many other manufacturing industries. After adjustment for covariates including sleep duration, late eaters last eating episode after 9: However, no association was observed between cancer risk and number of eating episodes, night-time fasting duration, time of first eating episode or macronutrient composition of the last eating episode.

This large cohort study suggests that circadian perturbations resulting from late time of last food intake may be involved in carcinogenesis at different locations. Beyond nutritional quality of food intake, nutritional circadian regulation should be further investigated in the context of cancer prevention.

This article is protected by copyright. Few studies have focused on the influence of retirement on dietary behaviors. Our study aimed at assessing the associations between transition to retirement and changes in dietary intake in French adults, particularly according to spousal retirement and baseline income. Repeated measures of dietary intake were analysed using mixed models adjusted for energy with random effects of time and period before and after retirement to assess changes following retirement for each gender. After retirement, intakes of saturated fatty acids and sodium increased in both genders.

Women showed specific changes after retirement: Transition to retirement was associated with unhealthier dietary intakes. These results may help defining interventions during this vulnerable life-period. Electronic informed consents were obtained from all participants. Consumption of ultra-processed foods and cancer risk: Abstract Objective To assess the prospective associations between consumption of ultra-processed food and risk of cancer.

Design Population based cohort study. These were categorised according to their degree of processing by the NOVA classification. Main outcome measures Associations between ultra-processed food intake and risk of overall, breast, prostate, and colorectal cancer assessed by multivariable Cox proportional hazard models adjusted for known risk factors. Background Mindfulness is defined as non-judgmental awareness of the present moment. There is some evidence of the efficacy of mindfulness-based interventions in weight loss.

However, this psychological concept has only been rarely explored in observational studies, and no study to date has examined the association between dispositional mindfulness and weight status in a large population-based sample. Objective We aimed to examine the relationship between mindfulness scores and weight status in a large sample of the adult general population in France. We collected mindfulness data using the Five Facet Mindfulness Questionnaire as well as self-reported weight and height.

The association between weight status and dispositional mindfulness, as well as its subscales observing, describing, acting with awareness, non-judging and non-reactivity , was assessed using multinomial logistic regression models adjusted for socio-demographic and lifestyle factors. Results Women with higher dispositional mindfulness scores were less likely to be overweight excluding obesity OR quartile 4 vs. In men, higher mindfulness was associated only with lower odds of obesity OR quartile 4 vs.

Conclusion Results support the interest of a shift in perspective that takes into account positive psychological and cognitive factors such as dispositional mindfulness in the investigation of obesity and its associated factors. Concerns have been raised about the potential health impact of ultra-processed foods UPF in the diet. Our objective was to investigate the contribution of UPF in the diet in a large French population and its association with sociodemographic factors and dietary patterns. Associations of sociodemographic characteristics and UPFp in quartiles were assessed using multivariate multinomial logistic regression.

Food group consumption and nutrient intakes across quartiles of UPFp were estimated using linear regression adjusted for sociodemographic factors and energy intake. Higher UPFp consumption was independently associated with male gender, younger age, lower education, smoking, and overweight and obesity all P Typology of eaters based on conventional and organic food consumption: Limited information is available on large-scale populations regarding the socio-demographic and nutrient profiles and eating behaviour of consumers, taking into account both organic and conventional foods.

The aims of this study were to draw up a typology of consumers according to their eating habits, based both on their dietary patterns and the mode of food production, and to outline their socio-demographic, behavioural and nutritional characteristics. Dietary information was obtained using a item, semi-quantitative, organic FFQ. To identify clusters of consumers, principal component analysis was applied on sixteen conventional and sixteen organic food groups followed by a clustering procedure. The following five clusters of consumers were identified: These findings may have implications for future aetiological studies investigating the potential impact of organic food consumption.

Health and dietary traits of organic food consumers: The dietary and health traits of organic food OF consumers have not been comprehensively described. The aim of this study was to identify factors associated with OF consumption. Adherence to the French food-based guidelines and interactions between nutritional knowledge and OF consumption in adherence to dietary guidelines were investigated. Medical history was also assessed in relation to OF consumption.

In contrast, organic consumers were more likely to report food allergies. Our study provides new insights into the diet- and health-related behaviours of OF consumers in a large sample of participants residing in France. This should be taken into account in future studies investigating relationships between health and OF consumption. Association between organic food consumption and metabolic syndrome: Metabolic syndrome MetS , a multicomponent condition, is a cardiovascular disease predictor.

Although exposure to agricultural pesticides has been suggested as a potential contributor to the rising rates of obesity, type 2 diabetes, and other features of metabolic disorders, no studies have focused on the association between consumption of organic food produced without synthetic pesticides and MetS. We aimed to investigate the cross-sectional association between organic food consumption and MetS in French adults to determine whether it would be worth conducting further studies, particularly large prospective and randomised trials.

We evaluated the association between the proportion of organic food in the diet overall and by food group and MetS using Poisson regression models while adjusting for potential confounders. Higher organic food consumption was negatively associated with the prevalence of MetS: A qualitative study was conducted to identify potential biases in the design of the questionnaire. Individual interviews were conducted with thirty survey respondents irrespective of whether they had reported any health problems or established a link between a health event and their career path by two experts in the psychodynamics of work.

The analysis of the clinical and statistical data involved four stages: After an examination of the results in relation to sample composition and the method used, the study shows that the relationship between health and career is not overestimated, but also indicates that psychological and musculoskeletal disorders and "minor" work accidents tend to be underreported. The study also found a loss of information about professional mobility as a way of maintaining health. Based on a qualitative approach to validation, the proposed method provides a basis for assessing the design of the questionnaire and provides reference points for data interpretation and the direction of future research.

Dietary intakes and diet quality according to levels of organic food consumption by French adults: Food intakes were obtained using an organic food frequency questionnaire Org-FFQ. The participants were ranked into five groups quintiles, Q according to the proportion of organic foods in their diet. Relationships between levels of organic food consumption and dietary characteristics were assessed using multivariable-adjusted ANCOVA models. Red and processed meat intake and cancer risk: These conclusions were mainly based on studies concerning colorectal cancer, but scientific evidence is still limited for other cancer locations.

In this study, we investigated the prospective associations between red and processed meat intakes and overall, breast, and prostate cancer risk. The risk of developing cancer was compared across sex-specific quintiles of red and processed meat intakes by multivariable Cox models. Red meat intake was associated with increased risk of overall cancers [HR Q5 vs. The latter association was observed in both premenopausal [HR Q5 vs. No association was observed between red meat intake and prostate cancer risk. This large cohort study suggested that red meat may be involved carcinogenesis at several cancer locations other than colon-rectum , in particular breast cancer.

These results are consistent with mechanistic evidence from experimental studies. Associations between motives for dish choice during home-meal preparation and diet quality in French adults: A number of motives such as constraints or pleasure have been suggested to influence dish choices during home-meal preparation. However, no study has evaluated how the importance conferred to these motives potentially influence diet quality. The present study aims at investigating the difference in diet quality according to the importance attached by individuals to various dish choice motives.

ANCOVA and logistic regression models, adjusted for sociodemographic and lifestyle factors, were used to evaluate the association between the importance attached to dish choice motives yes v. Electronic health information systems, including electronic medical records EMRs , have the potential to improve access to information and quality of care, among other things. Success factors and challenges for novel EMR implementations in low-resource settings have increasingly been studied, although less is known about maturing systems and sustainability.

One systematic review identified seven categories of implementation success factors: Factors important for long-term implementation success of complex information systems are balancing investments in hardware and software infrastructure upkeep, user capacity and data quality control; designing and building a system within the context of the greater eHealth ecosystem with a plan for interoperability and data exchange; establishing system governance and strong leadership to support local system ownership and planning for system financing to ensure sustainability.

In the domain of health behavior change, the deployment and utilization of information and communications technologies as a way to deliver interventions appear to be promising. This intervention was developed through an Intervention Mapping IM framework and is based on the theory of planned behavior.

Crucial steps of IM are the selection of key determinants of behavior and the selection of useful theory-based intervention methods to change the targeted determinants active ingredients. The content and the sequence of the intervention are then created based on these parameters. It aims to develop and strengthen skills required for behavior change. Based on an algorithm using individual cognitive data attitude, perceived behavioral control, and intention , the number of sessions, theory-based intervention methods, and messages contents are tailored to each user.

The use of IM allows developing intervention with a systematic approach based on theory, empirical evidence, and clinical and experiential knowledge. To gain insight into the regulation of hmi-er1 expression, we cloned a human genomic DNA fragment containing one of the two hmi-er1 promoters and consisting of bp upstream of the translation initiation codon of hMI-ER1. Computer-assisted sequence analysis revealed that the hmi-er1 promoter region contains a CpG island but lacks an identifiable TATA element, initiator sequence and downstream promoter element.

Several putative Sp1 binding sites were identified, and we show that Sp1 can bind to the hmi-er1 minimal promoter and increase transcription, suggesting that the level of hmi-er1 expression may depend on the availability of Sp1 protein. Functional analysis revealed that hMI-ER1 represses Sp1-activated transcription from the minimal promoter by a histone deacetylase-independent mechanism.

Chromatin immunoprecipitation analysis demonstrated that both Sp1 and hMI-ER1 are associated with the chromatin of the hmi-er1 promoter and that overexpression of hMI-ER1 in cell lines that allow Tet-On-inducible expression resulted in loss of detectable Sp1 from the endogenous hmi-er1 promoter. The mechanism by which this occurs does not involve binding of hMI-ER1 to cis-acting elements. Instead, we show that hMI-ER1 physically associates with Sp1 and that endogenous complexes containing the two proteins could be detected in vivo.

Furthermore, hMI-ER1 specifically interferes with binding of Sp1 to the hmi-er1 minimal promoter as well as to an Sp1 consensus oligonucleotide. Together, these data reveal a functional role for the SANT domain in the action of co-repressor regulatory factors and suggest that the association of hMI-ER1 with Sp1 represents a novel mechanism for the negative. Les participants avaient des attentes qui rejoignaient sommairement les objectifs de la formation. Long-term use of antiretroviral therapy, normal aging, and presence of certain risk factors are associated with metabolic disorders that predispose persons living with HIV to diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

The emergence and progression of these disorders can be prevented by adopting healthy behaviours. An online randomized controlled trial with parallel-groups will be conducted across Canada. To participate in this study, people living with HIV must be: The sessions, hosted by a virtual nurse, aim to develop and strengthen skills required for behaviour change. The control group will receive a validated list of five predetermined conventional health-related Websites.

The adoption of health behaviour smoking cessation or physical activity or healthy eating is the principal outcome. Cognitions intention, attitude, perceived behavioral control are the secondary outcomes. Health indicators will also be assessed. All outcomes will be measured with a self-administered online questionnaire and collected three times: The principal analyses will focus on differences between the two trial groups using Intention-to-Treat analysis. This study will yield new results about the efficacy of Web-based tailored health behaviours change interventions in the context of chronic.

Middle-Late Pleistocene marine terraces and fault activity in the Sant 'Agata di Militello coastal area north-eastern Sicily. Giunta, Giuseppe; Gueli, Anna M. The coastal sector of Sant 'Agata di Militello north-eastern Sicily is characterized by a flight of raised Middle-Upper Pleistocene marine terraces occurring at different heights with respect to present sea level.

In particular, the geomorphological survey and the analysis of stereo-pairs of aerial photographs allowed to recognize at least five main orders of well preserved Quaternary surfaces and relative deposits mostly located at the hanging wall and at the footwall of the Pleistocene northwest-dipping Capo d'Orlando normal fault, which controlled the geomorphological evolution of the coastal area. The marine terraces show an overall good morphological continuity and are formed by marine platforms overlain by littoral deposits made up of yellow littoral sand and gravels in a sandy matrix.

In order to better define the whole terrace chronology, deposit samples were analyzed by Optically Stimulated Luminescence OSL methodology, a conventional SAR protocol used with sand-sized quartz. New datings, together with the detailed morphostructural analysis, allow to relate the 2nd and 4th order terraces to MIS 5. The role of socio-economic status and neighborhood social capital on loneliness among older adults: The aim of the present study is to analyze the role of age in the association between socio-economic status SES and loneliness as well as the role of neighborhood social capital NSC in the association between individual social capital and loneliness.

Data include a representative population-based sample from Sant Boi de Llobregat a suburb of Barcelona of adults aged 50 and over. Logistic regression models were used to analyze the survey data. Among the poorest older adults, older individuals showed a lower likelihood of loneliness OR 0. In developed countries, the demand for organic products continues to substantially increase each year.

However, little information is available regarding the level of consumption of organic food and its relative share of the whole diet. Our aim was to provide, using individual consumption data, a detailed description of organic food consumption among French adults. P values of Student t-test or Chi-square for the difference between genders were reported.

Overall, the estimate of the contribution of organic food from products of plant origin was higher than that from products of animal origin. Our study provides a framework for the exploration of organic consumption and its correlates and can serve as a basis for future studies investigating relationships between the level of organic food consumption and health outcomes. Although home cooking has been associated with a lower body mass index in a few studies, no data exists on the motives behind food dish choices during home meal preparation and on their association with overweight.

Dimensions underlying the importance of 27 criteria possibly influencing dish choices were determined using an exploratory factor analysis. The association between dish choice motives and overweight including obesity was estimated using logistic regression models adjusted for sociodemographic and lifestyle characteristics. Five dimensions of dishes choice motives emerged: No significant associations were observed for constraints and organization. The significant associations between dish choice motives and overweight suggested the interest of focusing on these motives in order to promote healthier food choices during home cooking.

Dietary intakes were estimated using a food frequency questionnaire. Food choice motives were assessed using a validated item-questionnaire gathered into nine food choice motive dimension scores: Five consumers' clusters were identified: Relationships between food choice motive dimension scores and consumers' clusters were assessed using analysis of covariance ANCOVA models adjusted for sociodemographic factors. These results provide new insights into the food choice motives of diverse consumers' profiles including "green" and "hedonist" eaters.

Le score minimal est de 4 et le score maximal est de Le seuil est de 7. To date, no consensus has emerged on the most appropriate front-of-pack FOP nutrition label to help consumers in making informed choices. We aimed to compare the effectiveness of the label formats currently in use: Participants were exposed to five conditions, including four FOP labels: Acceptability was evaluated by several indicators: Objective understanding was assessed by the percentage of correct answers when ranking three products according to their nutritional quality.

Five different product categories were tested: Differences among the label effectiveness were compared with chi-square tests.

The 5-CNL was viewed as the easiest label to identify and as the one requiring the lowest amount of effort and time to understand. GDA was considered as the least easy to identify and to understand, despite being the most attractive and liked label. All FOP labels were found to be effective in ranking products according to their nutritional quality compared with the "no label" situation, although they showed differing levels of effectiveness p Comparison Between a Self-Administered and Supervised Version of a Web-Based Cognitive Test Battery: Dementia is a major public health problem, and repeated cognitive data from large epidemiological studies could help to develop efficient measures of early prevention.

Data collection by self-administered online tools could drastically reduce the logistical and financial burden of such large-scale investigations. In this context, it is important to obtain data concerning the comparability of such new online tools with traditional, supervised modes of cognitive assessment. The test battery included four tests, measuring, among others aspects, psychomotor speed, attention, executive function, episodic memory, working memory, and associative memory.

Subjects also completed a satisfaction questionnaire. Concordance was assessed by Spearman correlation. Agreement between both versions varied according to the investigated cognitive task and outcome variable. Spearman correlations ranged between. The self-administered version of the Web-based NutriCog cognitive test battery provided similar information as the supervised version. Thus, integrating repeated cognitive evaluations into large cohorts via the implementation of self-administered online versions of traditional test batteries appears to be feasible. Motives for dish choices during home meal preparation: Although culinary practices have strongly evolved over time, few data are available on contemporary dish choices during meal preparation.

We therefore sought to determine individual motives when choosing dishes to be prepared during weekdays and on weekends. Dimensions of dish choice motives were investigated using exploratory factor analysis. Mean ratings of motives during weekdays and on weekends were compared using Student's t-test. Association between socio-demographic and cooking practice characteristics, and dish choice motives were evaluated using logistic regression models. Five dimensions of dish choice motives emerged: The healthy diet factor was the most important on weekdays mean rating 3.

Over the last four decades, deforestation in Brazil occurred systematically in the area known as the "arcof deforestation", an extensive geographical area located in the interface of the Cerrado and the Amazon biomes. The deforestation process replaces the forest and the slash and burn agriculture systems by modern intensive agriculture systems targeted at the production of cash crops like cotton, maize or soybeans, and to graze cattle.

The reduction of pristine forest areas where traditional indigenous, maroons and riverside population conduct slash and burn agriculture, reduces the recovery time of the abandoned fields after exhaustion by agriculture crops, reason why the return to the same spots for another cycle of slash and burn occurs before the forest recovers completely from the previous cycle. In fact, the frequency of the cycles is increasing with the expansion of farm land and the reduction of available forest. The arc of deforestation has passed the region in the 's, leaving yet a large area of pristine forest where the traditional communities kept practicing a slash and burn agriculture system.

Nevertheless, due to the reduction of available area, and specially due to the exposure of traditional communities to the "western civilization culture", there is an increasing abandonment of the traditional systems and associated culture and knowledge. Nutrition-related chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and cancer are of multiple origin, and may be due to genetic, biologic, behavioural and environmental factors. In order to detangle the specific role of nutritional factors, very large population sample cohort studies comprising precisely measured dietary intake and all necessary information for accurately assessing potential confounding factors are needed.

Widespread use of internet is an opportunity to gradually collect huge amounts of data from a large sample of volunteers that can be automatically verified and processed. Our web-based prospective cohort study is being conducted for a scheduled follow-up of 10 years. Questionnaires administered via internet at baseline and each year thereafter will assess socio-demographic and lifestyle characteristics, anthropometry, health status, physical activity and diet.

Surveillance of health events will be implemented via questionnaires on hospitalisation and use of medication, and linkage with a national database on vital statistics. Biochemical samples and clinical examination will be collected in a subsample of volunteers. Self-administered data collection using internet as a complement to collection of biological data will enable identifying nutrition-related risks and protective factors, thereby more clearly. Psychosocial and organizational work factors and incidence of arterial hypertension among female healthcare workers: Many studies have supported the role of organizational work factors OWFs on the risk of cardiovascular diseases CVDs and CVD risk factors, including arterial hypertension.

However, a little information is available concerning the role of collective stressors deriving from work organization on nurse's risk of hypertension. This study aimed to test the independent longitudinal relationships linking the 2-year incidence of arterial hypertension to collective stressors at the work unit level, among baseline normotensive female hospital registered nurses and nursing assistants, after adjusting for known individual predictors of CVDs and for occupational stress.

We showed that OWFs at the work unit level may influence the 2-year risk of arterial hypertension independently of work factors at the worker level, baseline BP, age and BMI. In this study, OWFs affected 2-year risk of arterial hypertension only through direct effects. Our results pointed out the possibility of a primary prevention of arterial hypertension through interventions based at the work unit level among healthcare workers. This contradiction encouraged us to evaluate the methodological quality of these two guidelines with the help of the AGREE Appraisal of Guidelines for Research and Evaluation instrument which is consensual at an international level, in particular at the WHO World Health Organization and at the European Union.

At the end of this comparative evaluation this preliminary hypothesis might be proposed: However this hypothesis is weakened by the subjective intrinsic value of the AGREE tool, and by various methodological shortcomings in these two guidelines. Therefore we conclude, using the AGREE terminology, that the methods for developing those guidelines are too uncertain, above all in , for recommending their use without modifications. Prospective association between consumption frequency of organic food and body weight change, risk of overweight or obesity: A lower BMI has been reported among consumers of organic foods, but this relationship has never been examined in a prospective design study.

Our aim was to prospectively investigate the association between frequency of organic food consumption and weight change. For sixteen products, participants reported their consumption frequency of labelled organic foods never, occasionally, most of the time. An organic score OS with a maximum of thirty-two points was computed. An increase in the OS was associated with a lower risk of overweight and obesity among non-overweight and non-obese participants at inclusion: OR for Q4 v.

Concerning obesity risk, the association was stronger among participants with higher adherence to nutritional guidelines. |

This study supports a strong protective role of consumption frequency of organic foods with regard to the risk of overweight and obesity that depends on overall dietary quality. Upon confirmation, these results may contribute to fine-tune nutritional guidelines by accounting for farming practices in food production.

Background To date, no consensus has emerged on the most appropriate front-of-pack FOP nutrition label to help consumers in making informed choices. Results The 5-CNL was viewed as the easiest label to identify and as the one requiring the lowest amount of effort and time to understand. Ultra-processed foods UPF consumption has increased over the last decades and is raising concerns about potential adverse health effects. Participants included in the analysis were mainly women UPF accounted for Lifestyle, dietary patterns and nutritional status of organic food consumers have rarely been described, while interest for a sustainable diet is markedly increasing.

Cluster analysis was performed to identify behaviors associated with organic product consumption. Socio-demographic characteristics, food consumption and nutrient intake across clusters are provided. Five clusters were identified: RCOP were more highly educated and physically active than other clusters.

They also exhibited dietary patterns that included more plant foods and less sweet and alcoholic beverages, processed meat or milk. Their nutrient intake profiles fatty acids, most minerals and vitamins, fibers were healthier and they more closely adhered to dietary guidelines. In this paper seventeenth century gilded paintings from the crypt of Sant Benet de Bages, a medieval monastery in the Catalonia region of Spain, near Barcelona, have been studied.

Cross sections from two different gilded decorations were studied by means of optical microscopy and electron microscopy and EDS to determine the statigraphy and elemental composition, and by means of FTIR coupled to a microscope to determine the binding media associated to each layer. These preliminary results demonstrated that gilded decorations were made by the application of a gold foil on a mordant substrate on a gypsum base, while the mouldings of the vaults seem to be gilded on a bol with a glaze on top of the gold leaf.

It is interesting to notice that the first remained unaltered, while the gilded vault mouldings look almost black, due to the darkening of the organic material. High brightness and small spot working conditions revealed the development and distribution of calcium oxalates in the binding media, which seem to be responsible for the darkening. Background In spite of the growing literature in the field of e-epidemiology, clear evidence about computer literacy or attitudes toward respondent burden among e-cohort participants is largely lacking.

Methods Self-reported data from 43, e-cohort participants were collected in via a Web-based questionnaire. We employed unconditional logistic and linear regression analyses. Results Approximately one-quarter of participants Background Lifestyle, dietary patterns and nutritional status of organic food consumers have rarely been described, while interest for a sustainable diet is markedly increasing. Results Five clusters were identified: Background Dementia is a major public health problem, and repeated cognitive data from large epidemiological studies could help to develop efficient measures of early prevention.

Methods The test battery included four tests, measuring, among others aspects, psychomotor speed, attention, executive function, episodic memory, working memory, and associative memory. Results Agreement between both versions varied according to the investigated cognitive task and outcome variable. Conclusions The self-administered version of the Web-based NutriCog cognitive test battery provided similar information as the supervised version. The immigrant population IP is visiting neurology departments on an increasingly more frequent basis.

Research has still not made it clear whether there are geographical differences in the prevalence of primary headaches and the possible influence of emigration. We conducted a retrospective 12 months and prospective study 18 months of the first visits to the Headache Unit at the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau. Data collected included the country of birth, time parameters of the headache and of the immigration, diagnoses according to the criteria of the IHS and treatments that had been used. Related headaches were considered to be those that began within one year of having immigrated.

The IP represents Immigrants came mostly from Latin America Headaches began after immigration in The distribution of the diagnoses of headache is similar to those of the local population, the most frequent being migraine On comparing treatments prior to and following immigration, we find differences in the use of triptans 2. Emigration is neither a precipitating nor an aggravating factor for headaches in our series. There is a significant difference in symptomatic and preventive treatment between the period prior to immigration and afterwards.

Stratigraphic and structural controls on groundwater flow in an outcropping fossil fan delta: Hydrogeological models of mountain regions present the opportunity to understand the role of geological factors on groundwater resources. A comprehensive analysis of data portrays the massif as a single unit, constituted by different compartments determined by specific layers and sets of fractures. Two distinct flow systems—local and regional—are identified based on pumping test analysis as well as hydrochemical and isotopic data. Drawdown curves derived from pumping tests indicate that the behavior of the saturated layers, whose main porosity is given by the fracture network, corresponds to a confined aquifer.

Pumping tests also reflect a double porosity within the system and the occurrence of impervious boundaries that support a compartmentalized model for the whole aquifer system. Hydrochemical data and associated spatial evolution show the result of water-rock interaction along the flow lines. Concentration of magnesium, derived from dolomite dissolution, is a tracer of the flow-path along distinct stratigraphic units. The hydrogeological analysis of this outcropping system provides a methodology for the conceptualization of groundwater flow in similar buried systems where logging and hydrogeological information are scarce.

A multilevel intervention to increase physical activity and improve healthy eating and physical literacy among young children ages attending early childcare centres: Childhood obesity is a growing concern for public health. This study follows a cluster randomized controlled trial design in which the childcare centers are randomly assigned to receive the intervention or serve as usual care controls. The intervention period, spanning months, is preceded and followed by data collections.

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  • Darwins Athletes: How Sport Has Damaged Black America and Preserved the Myth of Race.

Participants are recruited from 61 childcare centers in two Canadian provinces, New Brunswick and Saskatchewan. Centers eligible for this study have to prepare and provide meals for lunch and have at least 20 children between the ages of 3 and 5. Centers are excluded if they have previously received a physical activity or nutrition promoting intervention.

Eligible centers are stratified by province, geographical location urban or rural and language English or French , then recruited and randomized using a one to one protocol for each stratum. Data collection is ongoing. The primary study outcomes are assessed using accelerometers physical activity levels , the Test of Gross Motor. Promoting physical activity, healthy eating and gross motor skills development among preschoolers attending childcare centers: Quantitative data were collected through director questionnaires at 10 months and 2 years after the initial training and analyzed using descriptive statistics.

Qualitative data were collected throughout the intervention. The intervention was successful in reaching a large number of childcare centres and engaging both rural and urban communities across Saskatchewan and New Brunswick. Centres reported increasing opportunities for physical activity and healthy eating, which were generally low-cost, easy and quick to implement. However, these changes were rarely transformed into formal written policies. Implementation fidelity of the initial training was high. Key challenges to implementation and sustainability identified during the evaluation were consistent among all of the REAIM elements.

These challenges included lack of time, lack of support from childcare staff and low parental engagement. Findings from this study suggest the implementation of. Far away from populated areas, ELL site acts as a remote site, but it is also responding to discrete events as snow melting, summer cattle breeding on pastures and trekking frequentation.

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In the long term, these measurements show the mountain ecosystems contribution and geomorphologic influence on the CO2 budget of the air masses crossing a mountain range. A pilot study of a multilevel intervention to increase physical activity, fundamental movement skills and healthy eating in rural childcare centres.

The objective of the current study was to evaluate the impact of a multimodal physical activity and healthy eating intervention on educators' provision of opportunities for children to improve their physical activity levels, fundamental movement skills and healthy eating behaviours. Six childcare centres three Francophone and three Anglophone located in five different rural and semi-rural communities in Saskatchewan participated in this intervention. A total of 69 children with a mean age of 4 years 9 months, and 19 female early childhood educators. Guided by an ecological framework, we implemented a population health controlled intervention, using a wait list control design 48 weeks delayed intervention , and evaluated its impact in rural childcare centres.

Mixed methods were employed to determine the effectiveness of the intervention. Overall, educators felt that the intervention supported the provision of physical activity and healthy eating opportunities for children.

Jean-François Mattéi

Increases in children's physical activity levels were reported following the intervention. Seeking health- and nutrition-related information on the Internet in a large population of French adults: The Internet has become a major source of health and nutrition information. Little is known about the type of consulted websites institutional v. The aim of this cross-sectional study was to investigate health- and nutrition-related Internet use in a large French population-based study.

Only one institutional website was present in the top This large population-based study showed that institutional websites were infrequently accessed and that a few participants discussed the information found online with their HCP.

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  7. This particular trend was especially visible among individuals who were more vulnerable regarding misleading information. Participant profiles according to recruitment source in a large Web-based prospective study: Interest in Internet-based epidemiologic research is growing given the logistic and cost advantages. Cohort recruitment to maximally diversify the sociodemographic profiles of participants, however, remains a contentious issue. The aim of the study was to characterize the sociodemographic profiles according to the recruitment mode of adult volunteers enrolled in a Web-based cohort.

    Recruitment is ongoing and largely relies on recurrent multimedia campaigns. Among the 88, participants enrolled through the end of , 30, Sociodemographic profiles were various, with 14, There is a growing trend for vegetarian and vegan diets in many Western countries. Epidemiological evidence suggesting that such diets may help in maintaining good health is rising.

    However, dietary and sociodemographic characteristics of vegetarians and vegans are not well known. Participants were asked if they were following a specific diet. They were then classified into three self-reported diet groups: Dietary data were collected using three repeated h dietary records.

    Multivariable polytomic logistic regression models were perfomed to assess the association between the sociodemographic characteristics and type of diet. The prevalence of nutrient intake inadequacy was estimated, by sex and age for micronutrients, as well as by type of self-reported diet. Compared with meat-eaters, vegetarians were more likely to have a higher educational level, whereas vegans had a lower education level. Compared with meat-eaters, vegetarians were more likely to be women, younger individuals, and to be self-employed or never employed rather than managerial staff.

    Vegetarians and vegans substituted animal protein-dense products with a higher consumption of plant protein-dense products e. Vegetarians had the most balanced diets in terms of macronutrients, but also had a better adherence to French dietary guidelines. Vegetarians exhibited a lower estimated prevalence of inadequacies for micronutrients such as antioxidant vitamins e. Dietary intake is pointed as one of the major determinants in hypertension development.

    Data in the area are mostly obtained from cross-sectional studies. We aimed to investigate the prospective association between 1 individual nutritional factors and 2 adherence to the Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension and the risk of incident hypertension in a large cohort study. Self-reported sociodemographic, lifestyle health questionnaires and dietary consumption assessed by three hour records were completed at baseline and yearly thereafter.

    Associations between quartiles Q of nutrients and food groups and adherence to Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension diet and hypertension risk were assessed by multivariable Cox proportional hazards models. During a mean follow-up of 3. Dietary intakes of sodium Q4 versus Q1: Besides, adherence to the Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension was strongly inversely associated with incident hypertension: Our results confirmed the association of several nutritional factors intake and incident hypertension and highlighted that adopting a global healthy diet could strongly contribute to the prevention of hypertension.

    The Sant Corneli Anticline is a well-exposed example of a fault-cored fold whose hydrologic evolution and structural development are directly linked. The fold's core of fractured carbonates contains a variety of west dipping normal faults with meter to decameter scale displacement and abundant calcite fill. This carbonate unit is capped by a marl unit with low angle, calcite filled normal faults. The marl unit is overlain by clastic syn-tectonic strata whose sedimentary architecture records limb rotation during the evolution of the fold. The syn-tectonic strata contain a variety of joint sets that record the stresses before, during, and possibly after fold growth.

    Faulting in the marl and calcite-filled joints in the syn-tectonic strata suggest that normal faults within the carbonate core of the fold eventually breached the overlying marl unit. This breach may have connected the joints of the syn-tectonic strata to the underlying carbonate reservoir and eliminated previous compartmentalization of fluids.

    Furthermore, breaching of the marl units probably enhanced joint formation in the overlying syn-tectonic strata. Future geochemical studies of calcite compositions in the three units will address this hypothesis. Preliminary mapping of joint sets in the syn-tectonic strata reveal a multistage history of jointing. Early bed-perpendicular joints healed by calcite strike NE-SW, parallel to normal faults in the underlying carbonates, and may be related to an early regional extensional event.

    Decameter scale, bed perpendicular, unfilled fractures that are sub-parallel to strike probably represent small joints. Contexte Alberta et Ontario. Trauma-related disorders are disabling affections of which epidemiological data change according to the country, population and measuring instruments. The prevalence of posttraumatic stress disorder PTSD appears to have increased over the past 15 years, but one cannot tell whether it has indeed increased or whether the standardized procedure has improved.

    Moreover, very few epidemiologic studies among the general population have been conducted in Europe, notably in France. Multi-varied analyses were performed on PTSD-related variables and comorbid disorders. The instantaneous prevalence past month of PTSD was of 0. There was a high rate of comorbidity among PTSD individuals, notably with mood disorders, anxiety disorders and addictive behaviour.

    There was an obvious relationship with suicidal behaviour, with fold more suicide attempts during the past month among the PTSD population. This survey analysed the consequences of a psychic traumatism over and above complete PTSD according to DSM-IV criteria, observing for instance the consequences for people exposed both to a trauma and suffering from at least one psychopathological symptom since the trauma.

    Those who suffered from a psychotraumatic syndrome, according to our enlarged definition, represented 5. Then, we compared those psychotraumatic syndromes to complete PTSD from a sociodemographic, functional and type of care point of view. To this end, along with other sources, it analyzes interviews that had been conducted with professionals who worked at the hospital in that era, sourced from the facility's Center for Documentation and Research. The goal was to problematize these testimonies, examining the texture of the accounts and approaching them as memories that weave a history of the hospital through recollections marked by suffering.

    Within this proposed framework, suffering is understood as a historical event that can give rise to new social arrangements. Objective To document the reliability and construct validity of the Family Violence Scale FVS in the older adult population aged 65 years and older. Family violence was defined as a latent variable, coming from a spouse and from children. A model with 2 indicators of violence; that is, psychological and financial violence, and physical violence, adequately fitted the observed data.

    The reliability of the FVS was 0. Older adults, aged 75 years and older, reported less violence than those aged between 65 and 74 years. Our results lead us to conclude that family violence against older adults is common and warrants greater public health and political attention. General practitioners could play an active role in the detection of violence among older adults. Biological Differences, Ergonomics, and Occupational Health: Researchers involved in this program worked in partnership with union women's and health and safety committees for more than twenty years.

    Not all studies succeeded in improving women's working conditions. One joint project involved observational studies of tasks done by health-care workers, complemented by interviews and questionnaires. However, issues of pay equity, spending on health care, and contracting-out of "ancillary work" were salient. Researchers learned that in the absence of changes in power relationships in the workplace, women may be disadvantaged by denial as well as by exaggeration of female-male differences. Men may also be at risk when their gender is invisible. We suggest some feminist approaches to workplace solutions and some pathways for research.

    Accidental exposure to hot water steam is a potential risk in the French Navy, and particularly on nuclear submarines or ships. Direct human exposure to this extreme environment during an accident leads to death in a short time. A set of tools was developed to study the effects of exposure to hot water steam atmospheres on human physiology and on the protective capacities of textile fabrics and equipment.

    A testing device allows the quantification of the protective capacities of fabrics under steam stresses. A thermal manikin and a steam climatic chamber allow the evaluation of the protective capacities of equipment. The tests on fabrics and on garments were in good agreement. Water vapour impermeable fabrics and garments provide greater protection in steamy conditions. Moreover, the thicker the sample or garment, the higher the protection it gives.

    Care should be taken to verify that fabrics keep their thermal characteristics under steam stress. These characteristics, measured under standard comfortable conditions, are not always indicative of the protective abilities of the fabrics under steamy conditions. Malnourishment can be caused by either a lack of food or an excess of low-nutrient foods. Due to several factors, this predisposes children to academic failure.

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    The objective of this study is to estimate the prevalence of school children with eating problems, study their nutrition level, food quality in the diet, and level of physical activity. The study involved the school children between 3 months and Personal, age, nutrition and physical activity data were collected for the descriptive and bivariate analyses. A total of 1, children were included, of which were under 3 years of age 8.

    Obesity was recorded in 2. The remaining 1, children were over 3 years of age Adherence to the Mediterranean diet decreased significantly with increasing age. The maintenance of body weight was significantly correlated to the consumption of carbohydrates for breakfast before going to school, daily fruit consumption, and not having a need for care from the social services.

    The differences in physical activity and a sedentary lifestyle proved significant between males and females. Being underweight and overweight are factors related to eating habits and dependency upon the social services. The literature shows substantial differences in occupational exposures between men and women, both between and within occupations, but remains very sparse on whether interventions are tailored to gender differences in the workplace. Our objective was to determine whether gender differences are taken into account when designing prevention interventions. This study is part of a project on the evaluation of interventions implemented in the framework of the "Healthy Enterprise" standard in Quebec organizations.

    Philosophie de la chirurgie esthétique: Une chirurgie nommée DÉSIRS (OJ.SC.HUMAINES) (French Edition) Philosophie de la chirurgie esthétique: Une chirurgie nommée DÉSIRS (OJ.SC.HUMAINES) (French Edition)
    Philosophie de la chirurgie esthétique: Une chirurgie nommée DÉSIRS (OJ.SC.HUMAINES) (French Edition) Philosophie de la chirurgie esthétique: Une chirurgie nommée DÉSIRS (OJ.SC.HUMAINES) (French Edition)
    Philosophie de la chirurgie esthétique: Une chirurgie nommée DÉSIRS (OJ.SC.HUMAINES) (French Edition) Philosophie de la chirurgie esthétique: Une chirurgie nommée DÉSIRS (OJ.SC.HUMAINES) (French Edition)
    Philosophie de la chirurgie esthétique: Une chirurgie nommée DÉSIRS (OJ.SC.HUMAINES) (French Edition) Philosophie de la chirurgie esthétique: Une chirurgie nommée DÉSIRS (OJ.SC.HUMAINES) (French Edition)
    Philosophie de la chirurgie esthétique: Une chirurgie nommée DÉSIRS (OJ.SC.HUMAINES) (French Edition) Philosophie de la chirurgie esthétique: Une chirurgie nommée DÉSIRS (OJ.SC.HUMAINES) (French Edition)
    Philosophie de la chirurgie esthétique: Une chirurgie nommée DÉSIRS (OJ.SC.HUMAINES) (French Edition) Philosophie de la chirurgie esthétique: Une chirurgie nommée DÉSIRS (OJ.SC.HUMAINES) (French Edition)
    Philosophie de la chirurgie esthétique: Une chirurgie nommée DÉSIRS (OJ.SC.HUMAINES) (French Edition) Philosophie de la chirurgie esthétique: Une chirurgie nommée DÉSIRS (OJ.SC.HUMAINES) (French Edition)
    Philosophie de la chirurgie esthétique: Une chirurgie nommée DÉSIRS (OJ.SC.HUMAINES) (French Edition) Philosophie de la chirurgie esthétique: Une chirurgie nommée DÉSIRS (OJ.SC.HUMAINES) (French Edition)
    Philosophie de la chirurgie esthétique: Une chirurgie nommée DÉSIRS (OJ.SC.HUMAINES) (French Edition)

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