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We discuss the related security requirements, the threats and the implemented mechanisms. Then the current security and privacy proposals and their enhancements are presented.

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Finally we discuss the role of this technology in Ubiquitous Computing. Heiko Knospe is a professor for mathematics and information security at the University of Applied Sciences Cologne.


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From to he has worked for Deutsche Telekom and in particular its affiliates T-Mobile and T-Systems, the focus of his work being on billing systems, mobile networks and IT security. His research interests include security of mobile technologies, AAA protocols and applications of mathematical techniques in communication engineering.

RFID tags can be used for tracking packages in the mail or goods in a warehouse. The RFID tag can contain tracking information or just a unique identification code. When you cross the border, the border agent can scan the passport and the machine can read the data from the RFID chip.

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  • RFID chips are also used in credit cards with contactless payments. When you tap a credit card to pay for something, the machine reads an RFID chip embedded in the card. They can be read by a machine with a quick tap. Many household pets also have RFID chips embedded in them.

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    If your pet is ever lost, a veterinarian or animal shelter can read the microchip with an RFID reader. The same technique can be used to associate a unique identification number with other animals — tiny RFID chips have even been used to track the movements of ants. Some people are concerned that attackers could use a handheld device in a crowd to read RFID information from nearby credit cards with contactless payment information embedded in them.

    In , a Dutch passport was read from ten meters away. These just work by including a metal material that blocks the radio waves of an RFID reader.

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    A number of approaches may be adopted:. In many cases the limited range provides the level of security required by many. Also there is often not a direct gain that can be made by criminals, so RFID security is not an issue in the same way as that for credit cards. More wireless tutorials Wi-Fi As soon as any design project is embarked upon, the clock starts ticking.

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